Monday, 29 November 2010

A Night Out in Aid of The Aplastic Anemia Trust...

This post is probably as far away from my usual topics as humanly possible, but something I feel so strongly about and has had an impact on my life during this past year. A little over a year ago my best friend Kirsty tragically lost her younger brother Anthony to Aplastic Anemia; he was only19 at the time, due to turn 20 just a week after he died.
Since Ant lost his battle to the illness, his Mum Michelle has been hugely active in her approach to fund raising and raising awareness for The Aplastic Anemia Trust. Michelle has been truly inspiring and has already managed to raise thousands of pounds for this massively worthwhile cause. 

On Saturday night, through the foot of snow which fell during Friday and all through the day on Saturday, a lovely group of people trekked out and came to support Michelle and Kirsty at another Aplastic Anemia Trust Charity Night. The night was not only to raise money for the Trust, but to celebrate the 21st Birthday of Anthony.. Which is actually today :) 

It really turned out to be such a great event and despite the obvious, we all had a great time raising money, listening to great live music and celebrating Ant's life! :) 

Here is me & the bestest ♥
[Click all images to enlarge...]

A few of the girlies...

Michelle receiving a cheque for over £3000 from a good friend who climbed Mt Kilimanjaro & travelled from Fuerteventura all for the cause

Finally Kirsty & her yummy Mummy Michelle :) 

It really just brings it home how unaware we are of illnesses such as Aplastic Anemia and just how quickly they can take over and change peoples lives forever...

We should remember to tell those who we love how much we love them, regardless of little arguments or spats we may have :) 
Hope you're all well.. I'm pretty much snowed in at the moment, but having to venture out to attempt to get to work tomorrow.. First time on a bus in over 2 years, just don't want to risk my pretty little car getting hurt! Hehe 

Lovesss xx

Friday, 26 November 2010

Introducing... Styleyes Lashes ♥

As some of you lovely ladies may know, I have started up a small company selling false eyelashes. Essentially, this forms part of mine and my friends' 'Business Enterprise' module at University in which we have to start up, run and then close down a business, if we so choose! 

We were allowed to choose entirely what we type or company we would like to set up, with many offering services but others selling goods. Me and the girls decided to go into something that not only we were passionate about, but that would be widely accepted. 

Now I know a lot of you peaches like to get all glammed up once the weekend is upon you and most likely using false eye lashes will be a part of your weekly routine. Speaking from experience, lashes just aren't cheap! Spending £5 on a pair every week to 2 weeks just sometimes isn't feasible and that's where we, Styleyes Lashes come in!

Our lashes come in four different styles and are boxed in sets of ten pairs, yes that's ten pairs per box! The best part is, they're just a mere £5 per box. 

Currently you can take a hop, skip & a jump on over to our Facebook Page  to have a peek at what we've been up to and also when our website will go live and you'll actually be able to purchase! 

I shall however give you a sneak peak at the four different styles which we've decided upon stocking! Each style of lash has been designated a certain celebrity and if you happen to take a look at the Facebook Page, you'll be able to see in more detail who and why we've used them...

Lashes in the Style of... Rihanna

Lashes in the Style of... Katy Perry

 Lashes in the Style of... Frankie Sandford

Lashes in the Style of... Cheryl Cole

You might spot that the eye in question is indeed my own...

It would be great if you were to take a look over on our business Facebook page and give us a 'Like' to show your support for not only me, but my girlies too ♥

Hopefully you'll be interested in some fab-tastic lashes for the upcoming seasonal period! 

Lots of Love xxx

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Love for Lashes ♥

False eyelashes that is! 

As some of you may know, myself and a few other girlies from Uni have set up a small company as part of our Business Enterprise module selling False Eye lashes. In my last FOTD post 'Shear Glamour' which you can see by clicking here I was sporting a set of the more dramatic lashes. I've gotten a fair few compliments on these lashes, but I do realise that not everyone like the 'over the top' full style lash and may actually prefer a more natural style which will thicken up their own lashes and add a touch of definition. 

The lashes in the above photo are just that; natural, easy to wear & just give your natural lashes a little oomph!

I donned them last week for an impromptu shopping trip with the bestie. They opened up my eyes and drew attention to them, but in no way did I feel that they were over the top. 

Teamed with a neutral smokey eye [my speciality hehe] and a bright pink lip, namely YSL's Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink I was ready to shop till I dropped!

As for our company, we shall be up and running just as soon as we take delivery of our stock.. I realise this is a bit of a teaser, but hopefully through my wearing them you'll see a style that will suit you and you may, when we go online buy a box to try for yourselves! 

Much love xx

Fashion Communication Final Year: 'Creating a Fashion Magazine'

I'm currently two months into my final year of University.If you're curious, I study Fashion Communication at Northumbria which incorporates a lot of different areas or aspects of Fashion under one 'umbrella' so to speak. Over the years we've completed modules of work in; Journalism, Styling, Photography, PR & Events Management to name but a few. In the past we've always had our briefs set fairly rigidly for us with guidelines to follow. However, with this being our final year, we've been handed the creative baton and been allowed to, within reason, choose our own ideas and concepts to fit in with fairly relaxed rules. 

One of our major pieces of work this semester will be the production of a magazine sampler; basically a 16-20 page document or 'sample' of what you would envision your actual magazine idea to look like. Naturally, because I'm so much more into the beauty side of fashion rather than the actual 'fashion' it's self, I immediately wanted to create a beauty inspired magazine to not only close a gap in the market (Britain as far as I know doesn't really have any entirely beauty focused magazines) but to hone in on my skills and talents and ultimately create something which I'm proud to say is mine. 

My concept for the magazine is for it not to be just a weekly or monthly 'throw away', but to be a quarterly publication outlining trends, predictions, reviews on must have products and also a place to discuss social and cultural issues regarding the beauty and fashion world. If any of you have seen the magazines 'Lula' or 'Material Girl' then these are the types of magazines I am currently drawing inspiration from, they are just crammed with such beautiful imagery. If I could create something which looked even a fraction as good as those two then I'd be one happy girl!

I guess the aim of this post was to firstly tell you a bit more about me and what I do as I know a lot of you girls out these are interested in fashion and beauty and may wish to follow one, or both as a career path. Secondly I wanted to use it as almost a bit of an apology, I've been away from the 'blogging' scene for two weeks now I think and really I don't have any excuse other than University work is having to take priority over other things at the moment and I've been struggling with my time management. Hopefully however, now I have concrete ideas in my head and work is going along nicely I can start to get my blogging mojo back and a few more posts will be popping up soon :) 

I will leave you with some inspiring beauty images which I've been pouring over & find absolutely stunning!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.. Much love for now girlies... Xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shear Glamour...

Evening my little iced gems :)

After feeling a little worse for wear these past few days I'm back with a itsy bitsy FOTN post from Saturday night. The weekend arrived, I worked a full rather busy day at work on Saturday and by the evening I was more than ready to don my heels and head out for a spot of live music and a glass of wine or two ;)

Living right on the coast we do tend to get extremes of weather and Saturday night was no exception. It was absolutely freezing, worthy of February temperatures, so because of this I had a perfect excuse to wear my gorgeous Winter trend inspired 'Shearling esq' jacket from Zara.

I wore this jacket with a simple oversize black t-shirt, leggings and teemed everything up with my new over the knee boots from Dune so I thought I'd go a bit more glamour inspired with my makeup after keeping my attire fairly plain.

I've definitely been loving a bronzey eye for the Autumn, to create this look I primarily used Woodwinked by MAC. I also recently picked up a fabulous tip; blend out your eyeshadow with a Mineralize Skin Finish from the lovely Sara in her latest Cheryl Cole Inspired Tutorial.

I used the Illamasqua Precision Ink to create a dark and defined lined upper eye and to blend in the false lashes which I used to give my eye a glamorous touch!

To finish off the look I wore Costa Chic from MAC, a modern twist on the classic more well known red lip.

I hope you like this look and do many of you already so as Sara suggests and use MSF's on your eyes? 

Much loveee xxx