Sunday, 10 October 2010

Advice Needed: Conical Wands..

Hey girls :) 

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen the Blackberry snapshot of me trialling a centre parting. Now I am never one for being overly, actually, at all adventurous with my hair after a horrifying experience at a well known High Street salon left me with 1" long layers which took, as you can imagine well over a year to grow out to a 'normal' length. 

I've spent the last few years growing my hair and having the same boring old trim and long tousled side styled fringe. However, I felt the time was right for a small change. After sporting a side parting for many moons, I'd recently been thinking of opting for a centre parting a l a Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen with the beachy, relaxed waves.

So after wearing my hair in a centre parting for the majority of the weekend I'm pretty pleased with what it actually looks like and I've had a few comments from people saying they like it also. The only thing that is nagging at me about it is the constant curling of the front sections of hair to make them wave outwards to effectively frame my face. My current GHD's are around 5 years old, remarkable but true and so aren't exactly in the best shape (..I feel like my hair is burning every time I use them!)

Basically I was wondering what all of your opinions are on conical wands? The principal seems so great; uniformed in size, but messy tousled hair which can be as styled or 'unstyled' as you so wish.. I've never actually used one before, but have obviously seen mixed reviews from different people. So here's where you can help! Let me know your thoughts on conical wands, do you have one? Do you use it to create this kind of look? 

Thanks girls! xx


  1. I really want a conical wand - unfortunately I don't have one but I have seen a few in Boots for about £25 which look pretty good.I know a lot of beauty guru's on youtube have done videos using them so that might be a good place to get some reviews and stuff?

  2. I'd love to try one too! cosmeticscharlotte72 on youtube did a tutorial with one and the curls looked amazing! :) xxx

  3. i use one for the exact reason you want to, i definitely prefer it to using ghds and the one i use is by babyliss which has 25 heat settings which helps for either waves or proper curls.
    you could also leave your hair to dry naturally and not brush it which gives a nice wavy beachy effect in my hair xxx

  4. I love nights out in Newcastle the drinks are so cheap! Which is always a plus! ;)
    Id actually love to move up there.
    I bought a pair of tresemme curling tongs which are great for doing those kind of curls if you don't use the clamp & use them as if they were a conical wand.

  5. I don't use a conical wand but I do use tongs - the babyliss pro tongs are great - variable heat and you can get them in about 4 different sizes...if you start further down your hair and leave the ends out it should come out just like MKO's :) xx

  6. I love MK & Ashley's hair <3

  7. I did have a conical wand but sold it on my opinion it was cr*p, I have very long hair and didn't give me waves I longed for, I looked like a poodle!

  8. i have the babyliss red one, which i do really like, the only problem with conical wands i find is i alwaaaays get straight ends!

    and 1 inch layers! i remember loads of people had those a few years ago dear me xxx

  9. The babylis one is great. It has 25 setting which is great to achieve differnt looks. I love it! I use it for this photo you have shown above. Although I am not that good at it.
    Also a reminton spin curl will do this aswell, this is more messy and not as neat looking at a conical.

  10. hey,
    I have the babyliss one aswell. I personally love it. For long hair you need to make sure you buy the bigger size to ensure looser curls.
    It takes a bit of getting use to and a couple of finger tip burns but once you've got it practiced it's sooooo easy and quick to get relaxed curls!
    hope that helps xx

  11. I love my Conical Wand! I have the big Babyliss one (bought from HQ Hair for about £25) and it's so worth it. I love it when the curls drop out slightly making it a really natural look. They're so easy and quick to use too xx