Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Love for Hunter Wellies...

Afternoon Ladies!

I realise it's been an age since I last posted, but with this rather cold snap and my newest pair of Hunter Wellies, I just couldn't resist!

Ever since we started stocking the boots at work, even though we are predominantly a Menswear store, I just knew a purchase would have to be made. I've always been a fan of Hunter, but in the past for the more practical reasons, having 2 horses, the need for reliable footwear is very high!

However, the latest offerings from Hunter are A LOT more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than my pair for the stables!

These three have to be my favourites! I was so torn over what colour to go for, but in the end opted for the Gloss Black as I knew they'd go with everything!

We also stock the welly socks which fit perfectly inside the boots to keep your feet nice and warm, I went for these ones...

Of course we do also stock the Mens wellies, but of course they aren't as pretty on the eye ;)

If you fancy getting yourself a pair of Hunter Wellies or Hunter Fleece Socks then take a peek!

Which colour do you prefer? Do you already have some? 


Monday, 28 November 2011

Winter Never Looked So Good With River Island!

Afternoon Lovelies! 

I have long been a fan of River Island and the stores ability to flawlessly create incredibly on-trend pieces season after season, so when I was approached by them to write this piece to highlight their current seasons trends, I was extremely flattered to say the least!

To celebrate the brand new Autumn/Winter 2011 Collections, River Island are offering 5 dedicated fans and followers of it's Facebook Page the chance to win all of the 9 items hidden within the postcard relating to the 'Hustle' trend simply by entering their fun 'Postcards from the Past' competition!

The 'Hustle' trend it's self, is a modern chic homage to the seventies! The trend includes all things glamorous; Faux furs, sheer chiffons along with rich colours and killer heels!

I was lucky enough to be given a pair of delicious wedges from the trend to share with you all and show you just how perfect this trend is for the upcoming Christmas period!

Aren't they just beauties!

The wedges are super comfy, make my legs look super long and are going to be amazing for glitzing up my Christmas party outfits! I plan on wearing them with an obligatory LBD over the festive season..

I think after some deliberation I may also treat myself to this gorgeous clutch, also by River Island to wear with them! - Keep your eyes peeled for an OOTN very soon!

To enter the competition all you have to do is take a hop, skip and jump over to www.facebook.com/riverisland and click on the 'Postcards from the Past' app.. This will take you to an image not too dissimilar to this...

Within the postcard will be hidden 9 items from the 'Hustle' trend which you need to find! Once all are found you will then be entered into the competition to be in with the chance of winning every piece you found within the postcard!

It really is a fun and fantastically generous competition from River Island! If you haven't already entered, what are you waiting for?!

What are your thoughts on River Island for the party season? Do you have you eye on anything in particular?

Lovess Xxx

(Item was provided by River Island for review, but as always this is my honest opinion - I just love River Island!)

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Simple, Glamorous Up-Do in 5 Easy Steps!

Hi there girls! 

With the party season almost upon us, I thought I'd share with you all a quick, easy way to achieve a gorgeous, glamorous up-do without the need for a trip to the salon!

A few weeks ago I was asked by my best friend if I would create this look in her hair for her Mum's Wedding.. It worked beautifully and really is so simple and effective!

Step One: Start by spray heat defence product all over your hair, this will protect it from the heat which you'll need to use

Step Two: Once the heat defence spray has dried in, section off your hair and begin to curl small sections. I used a GHD styling iron. You can use anything you wish to create the curls; Other straighteners, Curling wand, Hot rollers etc - Bare in mind you're going to be pinning the curls later on, so they don't need to be perfect!

This was Sarah's hair once I'd finished roughly curling it all, sprayed over with some secure fix hairspray!

Step Three: Once all over your head is curled, start to take small sections on the crown of your head and back comb gently to create a touch of volume - Spray lightly with hairspray to hold the volume in

(Hi there! hehe...)

Step Four: Once you've created as much volume as you personally like, you then need to make the decision as to where you want to position your hair; whether that be to the left, right or simply raised at the top of your crown. Sarah wanted her hair to sit fairly low, on her left hand side. To achieve this, simply take a hair band/bobble the same colour as your own hair and tie a pony tail of all of the curls securely in place. 

Step Five: Once your pony tail is positioned where you want the hair to be pinned, start by taking small sections of the curls and looping them out over one another, using kirby grips to secure the hair and keep in place. Repeat this until all of the hair is looped and pinned.

Et Voilà!

This is what the finished look should be like! :)

As you can see it's such a simple, pretty way to wear your hair over the coming weeks to any events, or Christmas parties you may have..

I later fixed my hair the exact same way for the evening party of the Wedding, but at the top of my crown..

I hope you liked this simple little tutorial, let me know if you want to see similar in the future..

Hope you're all well!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Beginning of Forever...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.. Or in this case more motivated & focused...

I've come to realise my life has changed so much in the past year & amazingly i've never felt so happy :)

Do what makes you happy.. Regardless of the consequences.. You can deal with those later!

Lovess xx

Friday, 22 July 2011

Hi There.. Remember Me? *Picture Heavy*

Ok, ok.. I realise I've literally been the WORST blogger going for the past 2 months, I'm not going to try and make excuses or anything for this though, I've just had a LOT going on and a lot of thinking to do! 

However, here I am!

Finally it's summertime, although up North I'm sure it has forgotten this and we've been inundated with torrential rain for most of the last week!

To get me back into the swing of things I thought I'd show you all a few photos from recent 'happenings' in my life; Summer Nights Out, The Boyfriends Birthday & Days with the Girls!

So there we have it.. A taster of my Summer so far!

Hopefully this will be the beginning of many Summery posts from me, if I can muster up some time outside of; Work, the Stables, the Gym & Applying for University (..Again!)

Thanks for sticking with me & hope you enjoyed a few of the photos!

Lovess Xx

Sunday, 22 May 2011

VSL Rouge Volupte #30 Faubourg Peach ♥

 Being treat to these beautiful summery days of late, I have found myself wanting to reach for a brighter more 'sun appropriate' lip colour...

I have been totally in LOVE with this one in particular from YSL; aptly named Faubourg Peach, this beautiful shade of corally peach instantly brightens up your face :)

The famous formulation of the Rouge Volupte lipsticks is just a dream to work with; Creamy, moisturising and they also have such a delicious fruity scent! Numbers currently in my collection include; 2, 7, 8, 24 & of course this one, number 30!

Have you found yourself reaching for brighter colours when doing your makeup recently? Do you have any further YSL recommendations for me to try out?


Friday, 20 May 2011

Ardell Fashion Lashes

Evening Girls.. 

As an ardent wearer or false lashes, I've become somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to good lashes and bad.. There is nothing worse than wearing a set of falsies which feel like they weigh down your lashes and generally cause discomfort to the eye. I myself wear contact lenses and sometimes with certain, cheap brands of lashes my eyes become tired and irritable after a couple of hours wear. 

Eyelure had always been my lash brand of choice, when I wasn't sporting lashes from my now defunct False Lash company 'Styleyes Lashes', but more recently a brand who in all honesty I'd not heard too much about has taken my fancy and converted me in the lash stakes! 

Ardell are an American False Lash company who's tag line is 'Simply Unforgettable Eyes...' believe me, the Ardell Lashes truly are unforgettable! 

Here is a close up shot of me wearing their 'Fashion Lashes' in number 101.

 The lashes are made from 100% sterilized human hair, meaning they are super light weight. Adding to their comfort levels is the clear flexi strip which the lashes are attached to; the strip is easily maneuvered to fit your own shape eye, it is not rigid in any way which means the highest level of comfort.

On the occasions I wear lashes, I need to be able to be comfortable for long periods of time when wearing them, the Ardell lashes are amazing for this and most of the time I totally forget I'm wearing any at all!

Here is the completed look wearing the 101 lashes and I just love them!

They are currently available to buy from Boots, these ones in particular retail for £5.11 which I think to be a fab price for quality lashes which are reusable, providing care and attention is paid to them in keeping them clean.

Have any of you lovelies tried Ardell lashes? Can you recommend any other styles to try out?

Lovess Xx

Disclaimer: Lashes were purchased by myself with my own money, they were not sent to me by a PR agency or Ardell to review