Friday, 20 May 2011

Ardell Fashion Lashes

Evening Girls.. 

As an ardent wearer or false lashes, I've become somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to good lashes and bad.. There is nothing worse than wearing a set of falsies which feel like they weigh down your lashes and generally cause discomfort to the eye. I myself wear contact lenses and sometimes with certain, cheap brands of lashes my eyes become tired and irritable after a couple of hours wear. 

Eyelure had always been my lash brand of choice, when I wasn't sporting lashes from my now defunct False Lash company 'Styleyes Lashes', but more recently a brand who in all honesty I'd not heard too much about has taken my fancy and converted me in the lash stakes! 

Ardell are an American False Lash company who's tag line is 'Simply Unforgettable Eyes...' believe me, the Ardell Lashes truly are unforgettable! 

Here is a close up shot of me wearing their 'Fashion Lashes' in number 101.

 The lashes are made from 100% sterilized human hair, meaning they are super light weight. Adding to their comfort levels is the clear flexi strip which the lashes are attached to; the strip is easily maneuvered to fit your own shape eye, it is not rigid in any way which means the highest level of comfort.

On the occasions I wear lashes, I need to be able to be comfortable for long periods of time when wearing them, the Ardell lashes are amazing for this and most of the time I totally forget I'm wearing any at all!

Here is the completed look wearing the 101 lashes and I just love them!

They are currently available to buy from Boots, these ones in particular retail for £5.11 which I think to be a fab price for quality lashes which are reusable, providing care and attention is paid to them in keeping them clean.

Have any of you lovelies tried Ardell lashes? Can you recommend any other styles to try out?

Lovess Xx

Disclaimer: Lashes were purchased by myself with my own money, they were not sent to me by a PR agency or Ardell to review


  1. ooh I love these... looks great for nights when I wanna be a little bit more dressed up!

  2. They look so lovely on you. x My favourite Ardell lashes are Fashion Lashes #101 Demi. I love them. I usually wear them when I'm going out.

  3. The eyelashes are amazing.. and I'm way too jealous of your eyebrows :)


  4. You are just too gorgoues!!!!

  5. How weird, I have a post scheduled for tomorrow morning also about Ardell lashes! I like the demi wispies (which the blog post is about!), they're very natural looking and fluttery. There seem to be so many to choose from, defo want to try more styles. x

  6. I love Ardell lashes! My favourites were Demi but I've tried so many now and I love them all :) My local Sallys sells them now too - they're only about £3.50 so worth looking in there for some of the more interesting styles xx

  7. ardell demi wispies are my all time favourite eyelashes, they're beautiful and i love the flexibility you get with them :) these ones look gorgeous on you!

  8. Ardell are my favourites too - Demi-Pixies are brilliant, I would wear them every day if I could be bothered!

  9. The Wispies/Demi Wispies are most popular in the US. They're usually hard to find instores since it's usually out of stock. But try some. They are gorgeous!

    <33 Rena

  10. You're stunning! Those lashes look amazing too, I fancy purchasing a pair :) x

  11. I wear eye lashes all the time and i love the full impact of lashes,i like the look off theese lashes on you but fr me? no thanks :) they are far too think, id have to stick 4 pairs together lol :)
    i am currently using (and yes i know,i hate her too!) Katie Price eye lashes with a different glue, i have stuck 2 pairrs togther, they are super long and super thick, there great! :D x

  12. I always choose Ardell lashes over Eyelure, unless I can't get hold of any Ardell ones. I find Boots etc only stock a few styles...sometimes you can get them cheap at TK Maxx, then I stock up! My favourites are the 'fairies black' ones :)