Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My Love for Hunter Wellies...

Afternoon Ladies!

I realise it's been an age since I last posted, but with this rather cold snap and my newest pair of Hunter Wellies, I just couldn't resist!

Ever since we started stocking the boots at work, even though we are predominantly a Menswear store, I just knew a purchase would have to be made. I've always been a fan of Hunter, but in the past for the more practical reasons, having 2 horses, the need for reliable footwear is very high!

However, the latest offerings from Hunter are A LOT more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than my pair for the stables!

These three have to be my favourites! I was so torn over what colour to go for, but in the end opted for the Gloss Black as I knew they'd go with everything!

We also stock the welly socks which fit perfectly inside the boots to keep your feet nice and warm, I went for these ones...

Of course we do also stock the Mens wellies, but of course they aren't as pretty on the eye ;)

If you fancy getting yourself a pair of Hunter Wellies or Hunter Fleece Socks then take a peek!

Which colour do you prefer? Do you already have some? 



  1. I love Hunters. I have a Candy Pink pair for walking the dog and she has a matching pink harness! I love the furry socks! x

  2. yay for hunters! I have an aubergine pair with cable knit welly socks..I'm in need of a new pair though as I swore to myself I'd only use my hunters for best and wear my older ones for going down to the stables to see my little shetland but oh no! and I LOVE these glossy ones..may have to invest in a new pair! xx

  3. Aw I love Hunters, I've wanted some for so long and tried to justify them by saying 'Oh I'll wear them everyday to walk my dog' but the thought of that much on wellies... I just couldn't. I love the glossy black though, i'd definitley go for those ones just because as you say, they'll go with everything.

  4. I was in love with the Jimmy Choo Hunters that came in black croc.. they were so amazing, but totally out of my budget!

  5. @Naomi - How cute!

    @aliceandbeauty - I know what you mean, they're just so practical aren't they :)

    @WitchHazel - I saw those ones too, absolute beauts, but def well out of my budget! (For Wellies too! hah)