Monday, 14 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Haul ♥ .. Photo Heavy!

A few of you who have already seen the 'sneak peek' images on my Twitter account will know that my sister has been visiting NYC this past with with her University course; Fashion Communication. 

During a stop off at Amsterdam airport, waiting to catch their flight to JFK she realised that the MAC counter in the airport already had full stock of the soon to be released 'Wonder Woman' Collection. As she knew i'd been dying for the release, I got a text straight away asking what I wanted picking up as they had everything in stock! 

Needless to say, I don't think i've ever texted as quick in my life! I already had in my mind what I wanted from the collection and here is what she picked up for me :) 

All of the collection comes in Limited Edition packaging...

 I was desperate to get my hands on both of the 'JUMBO' MSF's in the collection; 'Golden Lariat' & 'Pink Power'. They really do not disappoint and are truly massive!

 Golden Lariat MSF

This has been pitched as the product for darker skin tones. It consists of three different shades; a deep coral [ideal for blush], a matte bronzer [contour shade] and also a bright shimmering gold [highlight]

All three shades are highly pigmented

This is my fingers lightly brushed over the surface of the MSF

 Pink Power MSF

Again in three distinct sections, this one I feel would be a lot more suited to those of a paler complexion - Mainly due to the lighter matte bronzer in the centre. 

The blush shade is a beautiful shimmering pink and the highlight a slightly more toned down version of the Golden Lariat. 

I decided after much deliberation that the lipsticks in the collection were just not for me and opted instead for a lipglass in the shade 'Emancipation' 

This is as you can see a gorgeous shimmery neutral pink, perfect on it's own, or over a lipstick!

This is again huge, with the tube being 10.5g instead of the usual 4.8g!

I'm totally in love already with what she managed to pick up for me :)

Keep your eyes peeled for a Wonder Woman FOTD post as i'm dying to try out all of the products properly!

What are you most looking forward to from this collection? 

Lovess Xx


  1. Thank you for the swatches ! If the Msf's arent too glittery, i may pick up one. Otherwise i will skip...

  2. Wow these look amazing, you lucky girl! I'm so jealous! Cant wait till these are released on their website! :o) xx

  3. Can't wait to get my hands on that golden lariat! That lipglass is also gorgeous! May have to get that too. I'm just loving the sizes of the products in this collection! Wish MAC would make all their products bigger aha xx

  4. I do think the packaging is hideous, but both products look so gorgeous, particularly the lipgloss!

  5. the packaging is abit mcdonalds compared to other MAC products, but the actual products look amazing! especially the pink jumbo... you have a very kind sister! xxx

  6. I am so jealous of you Laura!! xx

  7. so jealous!!! these all look so amazing. can't wait to get my mits on them xx

  8. I want both Pink Power... Actually, i'd like both!
    Awesome swatches :)

  9. This is a great collection in my opinion.
    Love the packaging and the products are all amazing, hardly any re-promotes from the permenant line :) x

  10. Great Haul! Im still debating if I should buy something from WW collection or not >.<

  11. I love the imagery of this collection, so colourful and fun!

  12. absoloutely love the lipgloss :) x

  13. I Love both of them...