Friday, 11 February 2011

New Obsession ♥ MAC Tan Pigment & FOTD

Woooo it's finally the weekend! 

I don't know about you dolls, but I've been desperate for Friday to arrive... The prospect of drinks & a good catch up with the girls tonight is most definitely what has gotten me through this week :) 

I'm currently hovering around at home as I ordered some shoesies to wear tonight from ASOS on Tuesday evening but only selected 'Free Delivery' and they still haven't arrived! They then went and offered free next day delivery yesterday too :( .. I'll be gutted if they don't arrive now! hehe 

So anyways, let's get round to the point of this post! 

A little while ago I saw a post by the beautiful Zara over at Mouldy Fruit featuring this little beaut of a product; MAC Tan pigment. I'd previously strayed away from any sort of pigments as I always assumed that they would be super messy and I was under the impression I would be able to create a look similar to what I would be able to create with a pigment, with plain old eye shadow. 

How wrong was I!!

Yesterday was the first day I really played about with the product and I have to say it was a pleasure to work with and it's multiple uses really warrant the £15.50 price tag. 

Apologies for the slightly blurry swatch photo; the lighting was odd when I was taking photos and couldn't quite get it to photo correctly! But even from this you can see how beautiful the colour is, it's almost like a lighter version of MAC's Woodwinked eyeshadow, a really sumptuous golden bronze colour. 

I firstly used the pigment on my lids which created a gorgeous, almost 3D appearance. 

Because of my inexperience in working with pigments, I firstly used MAC's Soft Ochre Paintpot to give a uniform colour to my lid and then, for good measure I placed some UDPP all over the top of the Paintpot to ensure the pigment would 'stick'. I took the smallest amount on a MAC 239 and gently patted it down up to the crease. Fallout was minimal, which may be due to the use of 2 eye primers hehe! 
Other products used on my eye were MAC's Nylon to highlight brow and tear duct and Carbon through the crease to give the eye a more dramatic look. I used the Illamasqua Precision Ink on my upper lash line to tie in the Rihanna lashes from my own lash company 'Styleyes Lashes' .. These lashes are perfect for daytime wear as they aren't too over the top, they just add a bit extra length and volume. You can also carry them into the night by adding a touch more mascara to give an even more dramatic appearance. 

As previously mentioned, the product is a great multitasker! After seeing how glowing Zara looked wearing this as a highlight I just had to give it a go! You all know how much of a lover of MAC's MSF's, using them literally every day to give me a healthy glow... Well this does exactly that!  I took a very small amount on a MAC 168 and gently buffed it along my cheek bones and slightly down into my cheeks.

This is the final look I ended up with...

Other products used include...

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NW25
MAC MSF Natural in Deep Dark
NARS Orgasm blush
MAC Myth lipstick
Lancome Juicy tube for a glossy lip over Myth!

What are your thoughts on MAC Pigments? Do you have any recommendations?

Have a super fun weekend! 



  1. Laura you look amazingly beautiful in these photos! You may have also just convinced me to get this pigment. I have vanilla pigment which I sometimes use a highlight x

  2. Aw thanks lovely :) .. Yeah, I think Vanilla may be my net purchase, apparently you can mix it in foundation for a gorgeous glow for the summer!


  3. Wow, you look BEAUTIFUL!
    Must buy Tan Pigment... Its gorgeous!

  4. Tan is one of my favourite pigments too! I love Naked as well, and dark soul. Awesome FOTD :)

  5. You look stunning hun...lovin the tan pigment to gota get that

  6. Ooh that pigment is beautiful but not as beautiful as you! xo

  7. wow it's so pigmented! you are so pretty!


  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments girls.. It's such a gorgeous colour! I love it x

  9. wow, it looks incredible! i've never tried pigments because i thought the same as you, but i may have to try one! i've been looking at the vanilla one, it looks like a gorgeous highlight! x

  10. you look amazing. i've never tried pigments much either coz i've always had the same thoughts as you but you've totally tempted me now! ahhh xo

  11. WOW!! What product/s do you use for your eyebrows? They are amazing!!

  12. Your foundation looks so flawless! I'm jealous.

  13. Amazing amazing amazing, best face x

  14. Wow that eyeshadow looks amazing:)x

  15. you are such a highlighting product enabler haha! it looks so pretty on you though, i'd be scared of the messiness too but may give pigments a go now you've said there wasn't much fall down xx

  16. You look lovely... and Tan pigment is one of my faves too... it's one of those shades that suits everyone :-) x

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    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  18. are gorgeous hunny

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  19. gorgeous!!!! I love your makeup!!