Monday, 16 August 2010

♥ 'Happily' Tagged by the Beautiful Miss Onna.. ♥

Evening my lovelies..

So i've been tagged to complete the 'Happy 101' tag by the ever beautiful Miss Onna over at Onnas Little Blog...

I find these tag posts can really help you to learn and find out more about your fellow blogger ladies :) 

♥ 10 things which never fail to put a smile on my face...  ♥

1. Family - I lost my Daddy very suddenly 3 years ago & I think when something like that happens it really makes you appreciate those who you love so much more..

2. My gorgeous Boyfriend Spencer 

Egypt Feb 2010

3. My fabulous friends who are there for me whenever I need them & my lovely Blogger/Twitter ladies :)

4. Holidays, sunshine & travelling to different places

Holiday destination 2009 and the place where I shall be sunning myself once again in 5 weeks ♥

5. Beauty & Cosmetics

6. Fashion

7. Fake Tan!

8. My Mini Convertible =)

9. My Horses

10. Good food...

I hope you don't mind me adding in a few snaps, but I thought i'd liven it up a little and give you all something to have a peek at :)

So in return, I now tag these ten beauties to complete the tag and tell us 10 things which makes them happy!

last but not least a new blog to me this week, Georgia over at

I hope you enjoy reading this post, and whether i've tagged you or not, feel free to do it!

Oh and remember, should you have any specific questions to ask of moi then pop over to my Formspring - Leave them there and i'll get back to you! 

Lots of love Xx


  1. thanks for the tag! :) xxx

  2. Thanks for tagging me!:D

    Fun read, glad to know more about you!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  3. Thank you for the tag lovely, it was nice to learn a few things about you :) You seem like such a sweet person! x

  4. Horses will be on my list aswell! :)


  5. Thank you hunny for doing the post - I totally agree about getting to know the bloggers with these tags :)

    This post was so sweet and lovely and brought a little tear to my eye, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad but I think its amazing how positive your are in life - Me and my brother argued for years but I realised how sad I would be without him and how I should appreciate my family and now we are getting on great.

    Thanks again for doing the tag sweets :) xxxx

  6. Your holiday spot looks amazing.. super jealous girlie :) xoxo

  7. Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad and I agree with Onna - it's so great to see how positive you still are xxx

  8. The photograph with you and your horse almost made me cry! It's so beautiful. Loved this post <3

  9. "Holiday destination 2009" looks absolutely amazing, what I wouldn't give to be there right now!

  10. @ Onna & Georgina - Thanks sweeties, honestly you're right it's totally not worth arguing, yu literally never know what could happen.. I guess in my case I just have to stay as positive as my Dad would want me to stay and try to just think about all the good things which remind me of him :)

    @ Mia - Ahh he's a total babe, I actually fall in love with him all over again everytime I set my eyes on him, he's a total gentle giant :)

    @ Pearlessence & LucyLights - Can't wait girlies, it's a fab hotel, stayed last year and just HAD to go back for a second time :)


  11. Loved reading this post sweetheart, & i am so sorry to hear about your Dad :( But i agree with the others it is so nice to see how positive you are about life.
    Your boyfriend is gorgeous & you make a absolutely perfect couple!
    You are an absolutely wonderful person hunny :) & your horsey is a beaut!

  12. Lovely reading this sweetpea!
    So very sorry to hear about your dad. Your positivity is so commendable.
    Beautiful horse and yay for minis :)