Friday, 20 August 2010

Love for TK Maxx - Part 1 - Lancaster Sunlight Makeup & Mini Giveaway!

Howdy my little cherubs, I hope you're all fabulous :) 

I've decided to start a series of posts dedicated to fabulous finds from the ever bargainous TK Maxx. I realise that not everyone has the time, or patience to deal with stores such as the aforementioned, but me personally, I love them! I always seem to find something, whether it be clothing, shoes or beauty related. 

All of these items I'm about to mention were purchased from the nearest TK Maxx store to me (Gateshead - Team Valley) and were all bought with my own pennies. 

While I was perusing the shelves of the beauty and cosmetics area I got pretty excited when I came across some clear plastic boxes filled with a "pic'n'mix" of products from the Lancaster Sunlight Makeup range. I decided to pick up a couple of these boxes and paid in total around £45 for everything you see below...

As you can see there's quite a lot of products there and in total I think the overall RRP comes to something like £200! 

I'm not going to bore you with individual pics of every single item I picked up, but I will share with you some of my favourites :)

Sunlight Palette Natural
This little gem is beautifully luminising on the skin and swirled together gives you a gorgeous overall glow which isn't over the top. Although I don't have one, it really reminds me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. The powder is very finely milled and doesn't have any of the 'flecks' of glitter which can be apparent in the MAC msf's. 

Pink & Bronze Blush Powder Duo
How gorgeous does this look please?! It's just a really pretty product which is ideal for popping in your bag for topups throughout the day. The blush gives a nice subtle colour which isn't 'too pink' and the bronze is ideal for contouring. Again, with this product I've been lightly swirling it together and using all over my face/neck/chest area for a light bronzey glow. 

Blush Variations - Sunny
This as you can see is a mix of 5 different blush tones which can be used alone, halved or more easily all together to create what ever look you desire. The lighter tones obviously just as blushes, but the bronze is great as a contour colour. 

I was obviously able to pick up some really amazing products for a fraction of the price and it really goes to show what can be found in these discount superstores. The quality of these products is really great and the packaging is sleek and very handbag worthy :) 

A few of the other products I managed to get my hands on include:
- Illuminating Concealer
- Face Luminizer Gel SPF 15
-Easy Manicure Paintbrush (Nail Polish in Pen format)

Last but not least, I also picked up this little beaut...

Infinity Bronze Lip Variations
This is such a cute little pot and the colours look super pretty, but I've decided to give this away to one of you lovely ladies :) 

This will be open to all of my followers (I will check that you do actually follow, as if not this wouldn't be fair).. Just leave a little comment below if you'd like to enter with your e-mail address so I can contact you should you win, I'll use or something similar to find out who is to receive a little parcel in the post hehe. I'll keep the giveaway open till 9pm on the 28th of August - Next Saturday...

How about you lovely ladies... Have you found any fabulous bargains recently?

Much loveeee Xx


  1. These products look amazing! I've never heard of this product in the states so I would love to enter please :) I love TJ Maxx over here (I wonder why the name change?) since I can usually find perfume and sometimes even NARS for really cheap.


  2. These products look amazing!
    I have never seen that brand in Canada!


  3. I never find anything this nice in my TK Maxx! This stuff looks gorgeous!
    My email addy is
    Kat x

  4. never seen these products before and i've fallen in love! the colors look great and i would love to be entered, darling. great giveaway!

  5. wow I've never even heard of these but I love the packing and that pink blush/bronze looks gorgeous!! Love the enter the giveaway. Great Post Hun x

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  7. I've never tried Lancaster!Or TK Maxx...I've just googled it and I think they should come where I live :p
    They look so amazing!They remind me of summer!
    And a fabulous bargain was finding some OPI in Sephora for 3 euros...1 bottle...LE...Of course I bought it :)
    Count me in if you'd like! is my email!
    Have a good weekend!

  8. I've never tried lancaster but it looks amazing! :) i also don't have TK Maxx here :( :)

  9. TK Maxx is amazing for real beauty bargains, the nearest one from me is bursting with TIGI products at the moment :) xx

    If you'll have me! -

  10. Those products look fab! I sometimes find some good bargains in TK Maxx.

  11. Ahh a fellow TK Maxx lover...I could seriously spend all day looking in there! :) x

  12. These are stocked in my local TK Maxx too. Ive always had a quick look, but Ive never heard of the brand tbh so never picked anything up. They look really good products though.

    Love to enter your giveaway too babe.


  13. i totally agree, TKMAXX is amaZing :P
    love it there! you always have to snap up whatever you see there though because next time you go back... guarantee it'll be gone because everyone loves a bit of TKMAXX!
    your post has been really helpful, im vair tempted to go check these out myself now :D


  14. I love TK Maxx and those products looks amazing :)


  15. I definitely need to scour the shelves of tkmaxx! Its usually a store that i give a miss but definitely want to check out this make up! :)

    Thank you for been so lovely & generous hun! I would love to enter!

    mwah xxx

  16. cool! i'm a follower! its TJ Maxx in the USA but they have the same stuff, i love to shop there!


  17. Hi! Great products! Please enter me (=

    Thank you!

  18. These look great and we don't have it here in the United States. Enter me, please.:D

    Have a lovely weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. TK Maxx have such good bargins!

    I'm a follower, enter me please.

  20. nice product..^^
    enter me..

  21. Wahh you must be really good at finding bargains lol hmm sometimes im lucky but other times not >_< heheh thanks for they giveaway
    super cute products >u<

    Please enter me ^u^ I am a follower


  22. WOW, all these products look great :)
    i would so love to enter this
    I am already a follower
    thank you so much for doing this

  23. oooh lovely,
    i keep meaning to pop into tk maxx but there's work being done next to mine so i never notice it's there anymore hehe, silly me.

    beautiful prizes :D
    please enter me :):)


  24. thanks for this amazing giveaway, I'd love to enter!
    I don't often find bargains and usually when I get a discount it's on drugstore products!
    my email is:
    shimmer (dot) palette (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. Great finds, I never ever find anything good whenever I go to TKmaxx ever! please enter me xx

  26. i have never heard of that brand before, but it would be nice it try it. =]
    GFC follower: Hana
    aznhanavira at gmail dot com

  27. I've found Chi products for just 5 dollars at my TJ Maxx in the US! Pretty good deal if I do say so myself ;)

  28. Ooo, yes please!

    My TK Maxx never has any kind of decent make-up, it's always lavender bath oil and kitsch shower gel... I've heard of someone finding MUFE in one in London once!

  29. I'd love to win this :)

    badnewsxx AT gmail DOT com

  30. Thanks for the giveaway! I always go in TK Maxx but forget to look at the beauty section!
    pennyscott1978 at gmail dot com