Sunday, 8 August 2010

The Working Girls Makeup of the Week..

This summer I've gone from being in University full time.. (Well I say full time, what I really mean is a measly 3 days..) to now working full time. To be honest it's really starting to take it's toll on me and with another 41 hour week to look forward to ahead of me, I hope you can forgive me for the serious lack of 'entertaining' posts. 

With me being up early and in work for 8.30am I needed a look which was easy to achieve, but still fairly polished. I work in a Designer Menswear Boutique in my home town called Northern Threads, click here if you fancy taking a peek at some things for your other half!

I thought I'd post a few pics showing how my makeup has been for the past week or so; simple, easy and most importantly quick to do! 

I decided to keep my eye makeup fairly neutral, you know me, not particularly adventurous when it comes to colour! By keeping it neutral it means I can wear anything I like and not have to worry about whether it'll look OK, or whether it will clash. 

I recently purchased the MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base (Primer) and have been using it every day. I've found it's given my skin a really nice glow underneath my foundation and really keeps my makeup in place all day without the need for touch ups. For instance, I've been at work 11-4 today, makeup was applied at 9am and these photos were taken at roughly 5.30pm with no touch ups in between - Not bad going really! 

Products used to get this look:
MAC Prep+Prime Base
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 & NC20
MAC Espresso to fill in brows
Benefit IT Stick to conceal
MAC Soft Ochre paint pot
Stila Lemon & Pointille shadows
MAC Espresso in crease
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty
Lancaster Sunlight Palette in Natural for an all over glow
Lipsticks used this week have included MAC's Snob, Hue & Pretty Please

So there we have it.. 

Do you ladies end up doing the same?.. Choosing & wearing the same makeup for a week at a time for ease? 

Hope you're all well! 

Oh and a massive thank you to you all for reading and following, I hit the 300+ mark last night and it just made my week, it really means a lot ♥

Lots of love Xxx


  1. You look just lovely! :)

    And I am in such awe of your hair colour..its gorgeous!


  2. You're hair and make up looks gorgeous!! Well done on reaching over 300 followers :) x

  3. Stunning hunny, like always. xx

  4. Gorgeous!
    I know what you mean about the working thing...I've been so unadventurous with my make-up lately...somehow red lipstick and 7am starts don't go too well together!
    I'm loving my Mac paint pot too at the moment - it's so long-lasting :) x

  5. stunning! I love your hair :) x

  6. Great, polished look for work - looks fab! x

  7. Your hair just looks so damn healthy and shiny :)
    I like that neutral shimmer on your eyes, I've been searching for some similar, and even though MAC is out of my price range... You've tempted me
    It would be mine

  8. you look lovely! I'm almost tempted to try prep&prime if it really does keep your makeup in place that long!x

  9. Thanks lovelies!

    @ Lily - They're fab aren't they, I can apply shadows at 7am and they'd still look the same at 3am if i'd gone straight out from work! Soo worth it!

    @ Georgia - I wish it was honey - I'm using Nourkrin to try and get it to grow through a bit healthier+thicker.. I've used it 3 times this week and so far so good! - With regards to eye shadows, the shimmers I used were by Stila which I got on Cheapsmells I think they were only about £3-4 each and the pans are bigger than MAC's :) .. I'll try and find a link and message you!

    @ Becca - It's really brilliant, when you pump it out it has a pearly appearance which translates into a subtle shimmer on yur skin - Not glittery or anything though.. Just gives a nice glow once your foundation is on!


  10. I love your hair and make-up in these photos, I don't think you have anything to worry about your hair looks shiny, healthy and thick - i'm jealous!


  11. Amazing look! I think it has a perfect finish! I am looking forward to trying something similar!

  12. Looks gorgeous!
    I have to be at my desk at 7.30am (getting the train at 6.15am) so my make-up tends to be a bit...boring to what I want it to be. Lol! I just go for a wash of Shroom on the lids with Blacktrack Fluidline and lashings of mascara (then obv all the foundation etc) xx

  13. I only just found your blog, your very pretty and i look forward to reading more


  15. Haha I totally do the same thing, I just use a random Rimmel pallete with shimmery browns and use it for the whole week!
    You look so gorgeous girly, I am loving the blush and lippie your wearing as well!
    x x x

  16. Love the eyes! Your hair color is amazing<3

  17. I tagged you in my latest post :)

  18. wow stunning for a nuetral look. it goes well with everything like u said :)

  19. I'm in love with your hair colour, its so so gorgeous!
    love your working makeup. I wear no makeup to work, ever! I'm not really in a job that matters if I look crap though, lol

  20. Gorgeous.
    You have the most beautiful cheekbones ever! I'm uber jealous. why do you get to be so bloody gorgeous? :)

  21. I am so going to buy some of these products and try this out- you look stunning!
    My MAC wishlist just keeps getting longer!