Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Fashion Communication Final Year: 'Creating a Fashion Magazine'

I'm currently two months into my final year of University.If you're curious, I study Fashion Communication at Northumbria which incorporates a lot of different areas or aspects of Fashion under one 'umbrella' so to speak. Over the years we've completed modules of work in; Journalism, Styling, Photography, PR & Events Management to name but a few. In the past we've always had our briefs set fairly rigidly for us with guidelines to follow. However, with this being our final year, we've been handed the creative baton and been allowed to, within reason, choose our own ideas and concepts to fit in with fairly relaxed rules. 

One of our major pieces of work this semester will be the production of a magazine sampler; basically a 16-20 page document or 'sample' of what you would envision your actual magazine idea to look like. Naturally, because I'm so much more into the beauty side of fashion rather than the actual 'fashion' it's self, I immediately wanted to create a beauty inspired magazine to not only close a gap in the market (Britain as far as I know doesn't really have any entirely beauty focused magazines) but to hone in on my skills and talents and ultimately create something which I'm proud to say is mine. 

My concept for the magazine is for it not to be just a weekly or monthly 'throw away', but to be a quarterly publication outlining trends, predictions, reviews on must have products and also a place to discuss social and cultural issues regarding the beauty and fashion world. If any of you have seen the magazines 'Lula' or 'Material Girl' then these are the types of magazines I am currently drawing inspiration from, they are just crammed with such beautiful imagery. If I could create something which looked even a fraction as good as those two then I'd be one happy girl!

I guess the aim of this post was to firstly tell you a bit more about me and what I do as I know a lot of you girls out these are interested in fashion and beauty and may wish to follow one, or both as a career path. Secondly I wanted to use it as almost a bit of an apology, I've been away from the 'blogging' scene for two weeks now I think and really I don't have any excuse other than University work is having to take priority over other things at the moment and I've been struggling with my time management. Hopefully however, now I have concrete ideas in my head and work is going along nicely I can start to get my blogging mojo back and a few more posts will be popping up soon :) 

I will leave you with some inspiring beauty images which I've been pouring over & find absolutely stunning!

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.. Much love for now girlies... Xx


  1. These are gorgeous :). Good luck with your project too.

  2. I love the strong brows in the second image and how they jar with the dreamy shot! Good luck with your magazine chick, let us know how you get on.

    Xx Adele

  3. Those are gorgeous! Good luck in your final year, i'm also in my final year and understand the whole workload situation! x

  4. the second photo with the rose in her hair is so cute! she reminds me of a doll =)