Friday, 26 November 2010

Introducing... Styleyes Lashes ♥

As some of you lovely ladies may know, I have started up a small company selling false eyelashes. Essentially, this forms part of mine and my friends' 'Business Enterprise' module at University in which we have to start up, run and then close down a business, if we so choose! 

We were allowed to choose entirely what we type or company we would like to set up, with many offering services but others selling goods. Me and the girls decided to go into something that not only we were passionate about, but that would be widely accepted. 

Now I know a lot of you peaches like to get all glammed up once the weekend is upon you and most likely using false eye lashes will be a part of your weekly routine. Speaking from experience, lashes just aren't cheap! Spending £5 on a pair every week to 2 weeks just sometimes isn't feasible and that's where we, Styleyes Lashes come in!

Our lashes come in four different styles and are boxed in sets of ten pairs, yes that's ten pairs per box! The best part is, they're just a mere £5 per box. 

Currently you can take a hop, skip & a jump on over to our Facebook Page  to have a peek at what we've been up to and also when our website will go live and you'll actually be able to purchase! 

I shall however give you a sneak peak at the four different styles which we've decided upon stocking! Each style of lash has been designated a certain celebrity and if you happen to take a look at the Facebook Page, you'll be able to see in more detail who and why we've used them...

Lashes in the Style of... Rihanna

Lashes in the Style of... Katy Perry

 Lashes in the Style of... Frankie Sandford

Lashes in the Style of... Cheryl Cole

You might spot that the eye in question is indeed my own...

It would be great if you were to take a look over on our business Facebook page and give us a 'Like' to show your support for not only me, but my girlies too ♥

Hopefully you'll be interested in some fab-tastic lashes for the upcoming seasonal period! 

Lots of Love xxx


  1. You have gorgeous eyes and these lashes are just wonderful! I'm definitely interested! Although.. would you be selling mixed boxes so we can have a play around with different styles? x

  2. Have liked you on facebook.
    I'm really interested in these too :)

  3. definitely going to be making a purchase!xx

  4. I love the Frankie Sandford lashes! I can't wait to get a hold of some :) xo

  5. These are fab huni, im def interested too! im off to like facebook :)


  6. This is a great idea for a business. Will check out your facebook page and 'like' it! x

  7. wow, the frankie sandford ones are incredible! & they look fab on your lovely eyes :) have liked your FB page as well!

    Aysha xoxo

  8. Wow! they look gorgeous! I really like the Rihanna ones, fab idea :) I may just have to purchase some :)


  9. OMG I love the Rihanna look! Stunning!

  10. The Frankie Sandford ones ♥ I neeeeed some x

  11. So gorgeous
    these eyelashes shows how amazing eyes you have
    I <3 Lashes in the Style of... Cheryl Cole

  12. oh wow.. the Cheryl ones really suit you@