Monday, 29 November 2010

A Night Out in Aid of The Aplastic Anemia Trust...

This post is probably as far away from my usual topics as humanly possible, but something I feel so strongly about and has had an impact on my life during this past year. A little over a year ago my best friend Kirsty tragically lost her younger brother Anthony to Aplastic Anemia; he was only19 at the time, due to turn 20 just a week after he died.
Since Ant lost his battle to the illness, his Mum Michelle has been hugely active in her approach to fund raising and raising awareness for The Aplastic Anemia Trust. Michelle has been truly inspiring and has already managed to raise thousands of pounds for this massively worthwhile cause. 

On Saturday night, through the foot of snow which fell during Friday and all through the day on Saturday, a lovely group of people trekked out and came to support Michelle and Kirsty at another Aplastic Anemia Trust Charity Night. The night was not only to raise money for the Trust, but to celebrate the 21st Birthday of Anthony.. Which is actually today :) 

It really turned out to be such a great event and despite the obvious, we all had a great time raising money, listening to great live music and celebrating Ant's life! :) 

Here is me & the bestest ♥
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A few of the girlies...

Michelle receiving a cheque for over £3000 from a good friend who climbed Mt Kilimanjaro & travelled from Fuerteventura all for the cause

Finally Kirsty & her yummy Mummy Michelle :) 

It really just brings it home how unaware we are of illnesses such as Aplastic Anemia and just how quickly they can take over and change peoples lives forever...

We should remember to tell those who we love how much we love them, regardless of little arguments or spats we may have :) 
Hope you're all well.. I'm pretty much snowed in at the moment, but having to venture out to attempt to get to work tomorrow.. First time on a bus in over 2 years, just don't want to risk my pretty little car getting hurt! Hehe 

Lovesss xx


  1. It is true, I did not know about this illness before. It is because of posts like this that I love the blogging world.
    Thank you, and Happy Birthday to dear Anthony, bless him.

  2. This is so sad but such a nice thing for all those people to turn out and support the cause, I too had not heard about this before so it's lovely that Anthony's mum is raising awareness and money for the charity xx