Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Me Likey.. Current Favourites! ♥

Bonjour chickas :) 

Hope you're all fabulous! 

I thought I'd share with you some products which I've really been enjoying over the past few weeks or so. I wouldn't call this a 'Monthly Favourites' post or anything, as I find when I end up loving something, the love affair tends to last longer than a month! 

Above we have; MAC Satin Taupe e/s, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle, Elf's Mineral Foundation in Light, The Body Shop 'Pink Grapefruit' Lip Butter, MAC Blush in Peachykeen and lipsticks in Blankety and Snob. 

First up we have swatches for Satin Taupe e/s, Peachykeen Blush & Soft and Gentle MSF..

Satin Taupe is described by MAC as 'Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer..' and I would have to totally agree. This is such a gorgeous shade which can be used in so many different ways. Used with a light hand it can be worn every day as a crease colour to add depth to your eyes, or built up and worn 'thicker' to create a really pretty, sultry smoky eye. So glad I picked this up and added it to my collection.

Peachykeen is a sheertone shimmer blush which is described as 'A very baby peach..' After many years of buying blushes, I've came to the conclusion that peach or bronzey tones suit my skin so much better than bright pinks & that I, overall prefer a shimmer to a matte finish. Peachykeen is a really subtle peach tone with a gold shimmer running through it. This is my all time favourite blush at the moment and I've been wearing it everyday since I bought it! 

My Soft & Gentle MSF was the first MSF that I purchased and I go back to it time and time again. As mentioned above I definitely prefer a shimmer finish to my blush that a matte one, so this is amazing in adding a glowing finish to my skin when I wear a matte blush such as 'Blushbaby'. I've also been using this on nights out to give my shoulders and chest a radiant glow. Applied lightly with my Elf kabuki it really gives an amazing finish.. I'll most definitely be taking this away with me on holiday next week to give me a shimmery bronze look for the evenings :) 

Here we have the Elf Mineral Foundation. As you can see it comes in a screw top plastic container, from which you can tap out as much or as little product as you so desire into the lid. I then use my Elf Powder Brush to buff the product into the skin. Recently I've had some irritating breakouts around my chin and then subsequently dry skin from using the appropriate spot treatments. I've been using this after applying my foundation and concealer to buff the concealer into my skin and give my skin as much a flawless appearance as possible.

MAC's Blankety (left swatch) is described as a 'soft pink beige'. It is part of the amplified family and so application is very smooth and creamy with excellent colour payoff. I purchased this after going to my local MAC counter looking for something similar to 'Myself' which is a gorgeous beige nude, but was limited edition. This is slightly darker, but all the same I have fallen in love. It looks fabulous with a tan and is such an easy go to colour which is really flattering to wear. 

Snob (right hand swatch) is an ongoing favourite. After purchasing a while back I keep going back to this; it's such a fun flirty colour and I always get compliments when I wear it. It is a Satin finish however, which does tend to be a little drying on me, which brings me onto my final product, The Body Shop's lip butter in Pink Grapefruit. I've bought lip butters from The Body Shop for as long as I can remember and they always seem to last forever! This was a new scent to me and it's actually so fruity and summery. I apply a little of this and then smooth on my lipstick and it leaves me with fab application and super moisturised lips! 

So there we have it, quite a large selection of products which I can't seem to put down! 

Are any of these your current favourites? 

Lovess xx


  1. Great favourites :D
    Blankety is by far my favourite MAC lipstick. It is gorgeous!!
    Check out my giveaway :)
    - beth x

  2. Another great post from you laura! I reallly want snob and i keep seeing it appear on peoples blogs and it makes me want it even more! x

  3. Lovely post sweetie! I don't own any MAC products at the moment, however after reading this post i think i'm gonna make a spontaneous purchase tomorow! :)

  4. Hi Laura - I'm going to try and stop by the CCO on Friday, if they still have Myself, I will pick you one up. You mentioning it here reminded me x

  5. @Beth - I've not really heard many people talk about Blankety, but it's defintely overlooked! I love it :)

    @Charlotte - Thanks sweetie! Snob is really a gorgeous colour, the swatch doesn't do it justice!

    @Felicity - Ooo how exciting, do post and let us know if you pick anything up!

    @Sophie - Ahhhh are you really? That would be fab! Let me know sweets and if they do i'll send pennies through Paypal! :)


  6. I adore Satin Taupe. Its definitely one of my most used shadows. Im really loving the look of Peachykeen, it looks right up my street!


  7. I am wearing Snob today after neglecting it for a while, and I've fallen in love with it again. I hope you enjoy your holiday in a week!

  8. Hi dear! I have enjoyed your post so much! You have made me want some things, tough!!
    I am now in serious need of Satin Taupe and Snob!
    Blankety is currently a favourite for me too.
    Love your blog, you know,

  9. I love Satin Taupe e/s as well! Do you have any NARS blushes? You would love Deep Throat. Such a gorgous peachy color. This was a great post! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Great fave. I just mentioned MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle in my latest post too. Great MSF INHO. xx

  11. yay!!! MACs (^_^)


  12. Lovely looking products. I have a MSF which I'd completely forgotton about - your post has reminded me to dig it out of my collection! x

  13. Hey great blog, Just wanted to say hi am a new follower.


  14. I love that elf foundation too - I find it quite dark but with a bit of trusty fake tan it's all good! xx

  15. such a lovely blog!
    in need of followers :)

  16. Think Im gona need to try some of the body shop lip butters now. I have terrible issues with dry lips but maybe this might be THE one. lol