Tuesday, 7 September 2010

She's Peachykeen with Gaga Lips...

Just a quick one for all you lovelies...

I was playing about with some of the 40, yes, 40 sets of false eyelashes which I purchased on eBay.. They arrived yesterday and I was intrigued as to what sort of look they would give me.. I thought when I finished, I'd take a couple of snaps...

Sorry for the terrrrrrible photo quality, my sister has hopped skipped & jumped off to Rome for a week with the DSLR so my laptop webcam will have to make do.. 

You can however make out the gorgeous golden shimmer in my 'blush of the moment' MAC's 'Peachykeen'.. This is a very wearable everyday peach shimmer tone blush and I am loving it! I'm clinging onto the last shreds of summer for as long as possible and this not only gives a super pretty colour, but a really dewy glow *Lovessss* 

Ahhhh man I look so tired on this & I'm not quite sure what my eyebrow is doing?!... But anyways, I also recently rediscovered my love for MAC's Viva Glam Gaga. I've found myself buying so many new lipsticks over the past few months that I've lost track of what I have; buy a new one, wear it for a week then buy another! Ridiculous really, and a habit I need to get out of! 

The eyelashes turned out quite well, I'm using the most 'natural' ones in these photos but the others are WAY more dramatic than these, maybe a little too drag queen-esq! 

Mwahh.. Kisses for you all! 

Laura xx


  1. Looking beautiful as always :) The Gaga lipstick looks lovely on you! I feel I may have to get my hands on Peachykeen after this post! xx

  2. I understand the habit of buying one lipstick after another and not having real time to use them up... The truth is that I have never finished a lipstick apart from normal lip balms!!
    Love the pics!

  3. I popped on viva glam gaga today too after neglect, It's a keeper! x

  4. Thanks sweetheart :) ..

    I'll try and get a better pic wearing it, I ordered a tripod hehe so some better posts for FOTD & OOTD's!

    It's really pretty though, I love it! x

  5. Laura completley beautiful as always!!
    I seem to have developed the same lipstick problem...we need to break out of this cycle!
    Peachykeen looks really nice,i think it may end up on my ever expanding wishlist lol x

  6. Ahhh thanks girlies!

    Gaga is such a gorge colour, feel terrible neglecting it as I have ;)


  7. 40 pairs of false lashes?! God, I would think I'd died and goneto heaven...

  8. Ohh I do the exact same thing with my lipsticks!! Horrible habit, we need to figure this out! You look stunning as always hun xxxxx

  9. Gaga....I haven't bought it yet...can't decide whether it will look ok with my skin/hair colour. It goes perfectly, Laura, with your gorgeous red hair. Will have to swatch it in MAC when I go back to uni. Love love love your posts! JX

  10. You look gorgeous! Gaga really suits you and I love your hair colour :)


  11. 40 pairs?! Ooh where on ebay did you get them and how much? Looking lovely hun x

  12. in loveeee with the bottom photo, hehe! You look gorgeous, and gaga looks amazing on you

  13. @ Leigh... I got the lashes from here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150475104780&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_2278wt_1139 they were just 99p! The delivery was £2.59 as they were from hong Kong, but they came within 5 days and seem great for how much they cost!

    Thanks girlsss xx

  14. :O 40 pairs and sooo cheap (just read your last comment) I think I need some!

    You look beautiful as always ofcourse!

    Fee x

  15. OMG snap with the Gaga. I've been wearing it everyday for about 2 weeks after rediscovering how gorgeous it is! x