Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sun, Spa & Cocktail timesss ♥

So just a little note to let you all know I'm off on my long awaited holiday today! 

We're only gone for a week, but both myself and my boyfriend have worked super hard all summer and so this is the perfect break we've been dying for.. We're staying at the beautiful Marylanza Golf & Spa Resort in Los Christianos, Tenerife :) 

I travel to Tenerife every year at about this time due to it's exceptionally good weather and hopefully for us it will be hitting nigh on 30 degrees Celsius pretty much every day!

We are taking the Mac & SLR with us and so you might see a couple of OOTD/OOTN posts sneaking up if the Wifi works well :) 

I'm off to go shower off this Xen Tan (..the joys of being a redhead on a beach holiday!!!) and finalise my packing, then it will be Newcastle's Duty Free for me.. I promise not to go mad ;) 

Don't miss me too much ;) hehehe 

Lovesss xx


  1. You deserve it! The resort looks simply amazing! I was going to travel to Tenerife this summer but in the end we decided to visit Barcelona. Have a great time! We will miss your posts...

  2. yaaayyy soo excited for you! have a great time hun! xx

  3. That picture looks so appealing right now! Hope you have a fab holiday :) x

  4. Hope you're having a great time gorgeous!! xx