Thursday, 24 June 2010

I've joined the *Tweeting* clan...

Just a quick one to let you lovely ladies know I've just gotten a Twitter account *shock horror* - I do realise I am lightyears behind everyone else, but never the less it would be fab if you could do a hop, skip & little birdie flutter over to my Twitter page and check it out .. I'm rather lonely over there all on my lonesome! hehe

Hope to see you all over there! 


  1. aww well done on getting a twitter I gave in and made one a week ago following you now :) Twitter is so addicting haha :) x

  2. (my usernames nicolaaa_xx) :) x

  3. following! [my account is @jadoreAimee] <3

  4. Just a quick note to say I've mentioned your Soap & Glory 'Girligo' post on my blog :)

    I have a Twitter but fail to use it D'oh!

    Laura x