Saturday, 26 June 2010

OOTD: Embracing the Maxi

Evening my little lovelies & I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend in the sun :) 

This is what I wore yesterday whilst on a little last minute shopping trip (...Items purchased coming soon!)

I'm really loving maxi dresses at the moment; they're great for both during the day or on a night as it all depends what you wear them with i.e. you can dress them up so easily with a few aptly placed accessories :) 

I find them to be super comfy and so easy to wear, I'll defiantly be purchasing more to have a few more choices in my wardrobe :)

Maxi Dress - TK Maxx (Around 2 years ago now) but was around £24.99
Knitted Waistcoat/Cardi - All Saints
Sandals - Topshop
Sunglasses - Celine

What are your opinions on Maxi's? .. Yay or nay?



  1. You look amazing in your maxi! I really like them - think they look really relaxed and cool for summer :) x

  2. I love maxi's!! You look beautiful as always! Can't wait to see your purchases from your shopping trip!


  3. ooo lavverlly! your waistcoat is hot, all saints have a great sale on at the moment, have you taken a look? ive always wanted to try a maxi dress but im so short it would probably just swallow me up! hope you're having a fab weekend xx

  4. You look gorgeous, the dress is just to pretty :D x

  5. love the dress and you look absolutely beautiful :)

  6. you look lovely! love the dress - i've been trying to find a maxi dress i like but with no luck! x

  7. Thanks girlies, i've really been loving wearing mine and need to go buy some more! Zara have a fab sale on at the minute, so think i'm going to go back and see what more little beauties I can find!

    @ Lisa - Yeah hun, I popped in on friday actually, just a quick stop by though, need to go back and have a proper look!


  8. you look great in this :)
    also thank you so so much for the bag it's exactly what I need, I'll be putting pictures up of it on my blog tomorrow, and I really wasn't expecting it today! xx

  9. @ Sophie - Thanks sweetie!

    I posted first thing yesterday, wanted to make sure you got it asap after last week being such a hectiv nightmare! So glad you like it though :)


  10. Love the waistcoaat :D x