Thursday, 24 June 2010

Moisturisation for Girlies on the Go! - Soap & Glory 'Girligo' Review

Hola ladies! 

I hope you're taking full advantage of this glorious weather which has descended on the UK for the past week! I certainly have, when I've not been working :) I thought I'd take a quick break from the sun to come online, catch up with you lovely lot, read some bloggies and post this review! 

I'm quite a newbie to Soap & Glory, but ever since purchasing their 'Hand Food' and 'The Righteous Butter' I've been hooked! Not only on how well the products perform and live up to their claims, but the heavenly scent which everyone now associates with Soap & Glory; their 'Fun Fragrance'. It's just an amazing smell and I sometimes find myself trying to catch a quick whiff after I've applied it throughout the day, it's just gorgeous! 

So, I don't know about you girls, but I always moisturise on a night time. I tend to have quite dry skin, especially on my legs and have always used body butters, which I find to be very moisturising, to try and keep my legs looking hydrated and to banish off the greyish tinge that can sometimes occur with my skin (minus fake tan I am VERY pale) 

I always tended to moisturise on a night time in order to let the product, whatever it may be; Most commonly Body Shop Body Butters, work their magic underneath my PJ bottoms and so when I woke up in the morning I'd be left with super silky, moisturised pins! This always worked so well, but with the onset of the Summer and the warm weather we've been *so kindly* bestowed with, I felt I needed a lighter moisturiser which didn't leave much residue, was absorbed quickly but still left me with the feeling that my legs (and body) were being hydrated and left soft and supple. 
This is where this little gem comes in...

  Introducing Soap & Glory 'Girligo' 

I picked this up in my local Boots store for a mere £6 and it has been everything I wanted it to be! - Soap & Glory describe it as a 'Spray-on Body Moisturizing Mist', which, as I was after a lighter moisturiser has been absolutely perfect. It has the trademark S&G smell, which is described as being, '...a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin & musk' 
The moisturiser comes in this spray bottle which means application is super easy, just take off the plastic cap which covers the spray nozzle and spritz yourself from head to toe :) .. I find if I'm just applying one layer of this that I don't even need to rub it in, with it being a mist it is quite fine and dries into your skin really well. However, sometimes before bed I might apply twice and then just lightly rub it in to hurry the process along slightly. I've also found with this product that it is light enough to wear at any time of the day, apply in the morning just 5 mins before you get ready and you won't feel all sticky and have gunky moisturiser all over your clothes *total nightmare of mine - hate this feeling

I've also been known to give my arms and chest (whatever is on show really) a quick spritz during the day to perk up my skin and give it a bit of a glow :) 

Overall I can't rate this product highly enough, it really does it's job; leaves my skin super soft, sweet smelling and looking glowing and supple. I think my love affair has well and truly set in with this brand and I can't wait to try more out. After reading reviews on the 'Sit Tight' Body Firming Formula, I'm dying to try it so perhaps this will be my next purchase! 

Have any of you lovely ladies tried Girligo or Sit Tight for that matter? 

Love and Hugs Xx


  1. I am so getting this. Have been after a spray-on moisturiser for agesss so thanks!

    LOVE this post, Laura x

  2. I've never tried anything from this brand but i'm tempted after that review!

    Stacey xx

  3. Fab review this sounds great! :)I will deffo be picking this up :)

    Nicola xo

  4. Glad you like th review girlies & if you do pick it up I promise you won't be disappointed, it's yummy! xx

  5. I love Soap and Glory so much but surprisingly never tried this!? I'll be sure to pick it up next time I'm in Boots! xx

  6. Might have to get some of that stuff! x

  7. I've never tried any S&G products! After reading this, I will definately have a look at their selection :) x

  8. Totally agree with you girly! I have been using this every day before school, I can't bear a thick sticky lotion when it's so hot! I love the smell as well, everyone always compliments me on how fragrant and delish I smell after I've spritzed myself with this!
    Great review hun!
    x x x

  9. @ Jess - Darling Heart - Isn't it just so perfect for on the go, not to clingy but so great on your skin! Glad you like it as much as I do! :)


  10. Always seen Soap and Glory in Boots but never picked up anything from there - definately going to try it out now though!


  11. Must say I love Girligo, I've been hooked on it all year! I recently picked up a 3-pack of body butters and "Scrub Your Nose In It" - hasn't got the same S&G smell as it's quite minty, but still does its job!
    Look forward to any future S&G posts you do :)