Thursday, 3 June 2010

Recent Goings On & A Perfect, Purse Friendly Summer Scent...

Hello all my Lovelies!

Sorry I've been a little MIA these past couple of days, my boyfriend has been working away from home for the past week and I had a couple of days off work myself, so I decided to pay him a visit :) .. He's been in the cutesie market town of Richmond in North Yorkshire; we were lucky and got some fabulous weather, so spent the day scoffing ice cream, skimming stones in the river, walking the pup, visiting Richmond Castle & enjoying the sunshine!

Richmond Market Place from the top of the Castle Tower

Lottie :)

We had a lovely couple of days topped off with a last minute BBQ with all of his family last night, which was the perfect end to the day - I was just gutted to have to leave and drive home without him, to then have to be at workies for 9am this morning! 

On another, more beautified note! - I was having a quick peek around the shops last week and ended up wondering into Marks & Spencer. I was surprised to find they had a greatly expanded cosmetics section. The one area which caught my attention the most, mainly due to the heavenly scent hanging around it, was all of the perfumes! - I'd just been saying how much I was in need of a new day time summer perfume which would be easy enough for me to just carry around with me to top up throughout the day, but never in a million years did I expect to find what I was looking for in M&S. 

They had a few little beauties on sale, but in the end I opted for this very cute, very girlie looking scent!

It is aptly named 'Butterfly', comes in a 90ml bottle and is just £12!!
The smell is super super summery, very fresh and totally feminine.. I am in love with it, it's just amazing, especially for just £12! - The bottle as you can see is really cute and looks great on my dresser, although I have to admit it's been living in my handbag so I can reapply when necessary :) 

I've had loads of compliments on this scent and have really grown to love it, it will most definitely be one of my scents of the summer! - I think I may in fact make another trip back to M&S to pick up another as the range was really great and the value is second to none :) 

Have any of you had the pleasure of smelling this lovely delight?.. Do you have any fab summer favourites I should check out, I'd love to hear!

Oh and whilst i'm here! - I know I said I was going to sort out a giveaway for reaching my *50* Followers last week, but i'm nearer to 100 now would you believe it than I am to 50, so i'm going to now wait till i'm lucky enough to reach *100* followers and then do a proper giveaway, rather than the mini one which I originally had planned! 

Hope you're all well girlies! 

Lovess Xx


  1. I love the packaging of that perfume it reminded me of those toys I had when I was little, its like a fairy and u pull a string and its 'wings' rotate like a helicopter and they fly around! xx

  2. I totally remember what you mean! I had them too.. :)

    It is rather cute!


  3. Adorable dog! I'm a sucker for anything small and cute xx