Sunday, 23 May 2010

Ebay Goodies...

Good afternoon lovely ladies, thought I'd just post a quick bloggy to let you know I have some items for sale on Ebay - They're all ending today [Within the next 2 hours or so...] 

Check them out here...

It's mostly Topshop things which I've bought and then not worn, but theres some All Saints, Ted Baker etc mixed in there :) 

Hope you've all been having a gorgeous weekend in this baking heat we've had - We all had a BBQ up at the stables last night and then I ended up down at the Sea Front for more drinks!.. Still attempting to pull myself round from my hangover! - Not good on such a beautiful day :(

I'll leave you with a photo of me and my gorgeous boyo from yesterday :) 

Lovess Xx


  1. your horse is gorgeous i love the picture

    would love you to visit Passport Glamour & follow if you like!

    Anna Katrina

  2. lovely post this horse looks so cute i love horse riding , great post

  3. Aw your horse is amazing! Such a pretty picture :) x

  4. WOW ur super pretty!! love the post! hope you could follow my blog as well!! thanks so much! keep up the good work! =) im a new follower now


  5. Thanks Girls, he's a cutie - He's called William :)

    @missKC027 - Cute blog too and yes i'm followingggg :)