Friday, 21 May 2010

I Got Brave! - First OOTD ♥

I left a question on yesterdays post asking if anyone would be interested in seeing some OOTD posts from me and the lovely lady (Sorry you don't have your name on your blog!) over at Label Snob said that she would :) - So to kindly oblige, I thought i'd post my first today :) hehe

Here's what i'm wearing...

- Sunglasses by Stella McCartney
- Detail shoulder top - H&M
- Print Scarf - Vintage
- Skinnies - Topshop
- Bracelet - Pandora
- Cream Rose Ring - Topshop
- Earrings - Vivienne Westwood
- Bag - Mulberry Bayswater in Oak
- Tan Leather Wedges - Marks & Spencer

I hope you like the look, but please excuse the badly flattened hair! - Convertibles are really not great just after you've curled your locks, but the weather has been sooo amazing :) 

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday ladies, I picked up some bits and bobs last night whilst shopping, inc some of the much blogged about Topshop Makeup.. Possibly a FOTD look on the cards :)

Laura Xx


  1. Love the outfit. That shirt really looks great in combination with the skinny jeans.


  2. Love the OOTD post!!! Keep them coming! I need fashion inspiration!
    Thanks for the shoutout! :)

    LabelSnob aka Kim :)

  3. Love it... especially the vintage scarf against the white T.

    Also VERY jealous of that Bayswater on your arm!

    Fee x

  4. Thanks girlies, I shall keep them coming for you :) - You're all so lovely! ♥

    @Fee - Thanks sweetie! The top is actually a really pale pink to pick up the pale pink in the scarf, but the silly camera didn't pick up the colour properly!


  5. Gorgeous! I love your scarf :) Loved the previous e.l.f blog by the way hun, very helpful :) I recieved my e.l.f package yesterday. I love the stuff! xx

  6. @Alice Louise - Glad it helped you out! - I'm going to get some more of their Studio Range brushes for sure!


  7. wowww this is a perfect outfit, girl!!! inspirational yessssss love it!!!

  8. @Sissy - Thanks for following, absolutley LOVE your blog! Xx

  9. Stella McCartney sunglasses! I love it!

  10. beautiful outfit! i'm now following :D xx

  11. Great outfit! Really gorgeous, do more!
    And that bag is just too nice.
    I have that top but it looks a lot nicer on you than me!

  12. You look lovely - very stylish! x

  13. I LOVE that print scarf! Gorge outfit x