Friday, 7 May 2010

First Haul - E.l.f Cosmetics

So after reading tonnes about this brand and hearing many people blogging about it, as i'm guessing many of you have also! I decided to go ahead and purchase some products which had been hyped up and talked about the most.

Aside from their fantastic price points: Mainline products averaging £1.50 per item and the Studio line averaging at only £3.50 {ELF believe 'Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget'} The products have been famed in national press and as I said before, across the beauty blogging network! - So needless to say I had to try some!

Here is what arrived :)

In total I purchased:

1. The All Over Cover Stick - Lilac Petal - Highlighter/Illuminator - £1.50
2. The All Over Cover Stick - Spotlight - Highlighter/Illuminator - £1.50
3. The All Over Cover Stick - Apricot Beige - Concealer - £1.50
4. Mineral Powder Foundation - Light - £3.50
5. Corrective Concealer - £3.50
6. Powder Brush - £3.50
and finally...
7. The Kabuki Brush - £3.50

I've so far had all of the products out for a test run, but I shall update you with a mini review of each product when i've had more use out of them and get to see what they're like over a period of time :)

How about you?.. What are your experiences with ELF?

Lovesss Xx


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  2. Hi thanks :) - It means a lot!

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  4. Will be interested in your thoughts on the mineral foundation, been thinking about buying it but havent heard anything about it yet x