Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Product Rave.. L'oréal Perfect Clean Wash

So everyone has seen the adverts and has most likely seen these products in their local Superdrug or Boots.

I've been wanting a bit of a change up within my skin care regime; I'd been using the Proactiv solution, purely based on the fact that it originally worked amazingly well on my skin, keeping all blemishes and spots at bay, meaning I very rarely had breakouts or the odd spot - Fabulous you say? Well yeah, but because their products are tailor made for acne sufferers (I've never had acne, just the occasional spot or stress (UNI) related breakout!) the harsh chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide began over a period of time to dry my skin out terribly, especially around my nose and chin area.

In the last few weeks I've found myself increasingly stressed out with university deadlines and presentations and I found the proactiv just wasn't working any more and I ended up having a very out of character (major) break out on my chin. After reading a little about the Pure Clean range, I thought I'd give it a try out.

The product it's self comes in four different skin types:

- Purifying for Blemish Prone Skin
- Refreshing for Normal/Combination Skin
- Exfoliating for All Skin Types
- Soothing for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Because of the breakout I'd had, I decided to go for the Purifying wash, for blemish prone skin.

The product which has a pleasant smell, is a clear gel which you squeeze out onto the 'scrublet' and then begin to massage into your face. Not a lot of product is needed to achieve a lather, so I found this to be a plus! :)

The wash left my face feeling not only cleansed but super clean and refined. I originally didn't have much faith in the scrublet; it seemed to be just a flimsy piece of rubber with small 'nobbles' which would supposedly exfoliate your skin. However, my initial doubt was replaced with surprise, even after the first time using the wash. It has left my skin so soft and supple :)

I've been using the wash for just over a week now and my breakout has 98% cleared up! - Just been using bio - oil on a night to reduce the redness and dry skin which has been left behind. I would like to add however, that the wash is oil free and enriched with salicylic acid, which I feel over time may dry my skin out, so for this reason I may move onto the Soothing wash for dry/sensitive skin.

Overall though I think it's a fab product and would definitely recommend and repurchase!

Has anyone else had any experience, either good or bad of the Perfect Clean range?

Much loveee Xx


  1. Hmm, I have never tried anything from this line, but now I really want to! This stuff sounds great! xoxo

  2. Ohh I may try this.. I have really oily skin and I'm in need of something new :) x