Thursday, 27 May 2010

Products I'm Loving ...♥

Good evening lovely ladies, I hope you're all as fabulous as ever :)

I thought I'd do a quick post on products I'm loving at the minute, a lot of these are to do with summer and getting your skin in tip top, silky smooth condition with a few other things thrown in for good measure hehe! 

Here is a collective photo of my fave goodies!

From left to right we have...

- Imperial Leather Skin Bliss Unique Shower Lotion - 'Renew' with Monoi Oil -

This new concept in cleansing claims to have moisture lock technology, leaving your skin feeling smoother after just 5 washes. The lotion, once you squeeze it out onto your sponge/loofah, almost looks like an everyday moisturiser, but once moistened it works it's self into a gorgeous creamy lather. Once you've rinsed yourself down your skin is left feeling super soft and delicate feminine scent is left on your skin. Overall I highly rate this product, not only does it smell great, leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft, but if you can believe it, I managed to pick this up in my local Asda for a mere 70p!

- Maybelline Moisture Extreme 'Naked Beige Collection' Lipstick in Luminous Beige (742) - 


I picked up this lippie a couple of weeks ago from Superdrug. I was on the quest for a moisturising everyday nude that would be super easy to wear, for me I have naturally pale skin but wear fake tan most of the time, however, I wanted something which would look good whilst I was tanned but also if I chose to go Au natural! To be honest, I think I found the perfect product for what I was after. As you can see in the photo it has a slight sheen to it, which makes it super smoothing on your lips, it feels like you're wearing a balm! - The colour is fabulous for everyday wear and it cost around £6 so all in all a fab buy! - Would definitely repurchase :)

- Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Moisturiser - 

Again, another Superdrug purchase [I really can't help myself...] This is the first Jergens product I've used, and I'm totally impressed! Summer is almost upon us and so the pins will be making an appearance in the not too distant future! - I thought this would be a good place to start, as it's hydrating as well as giving your skin a firmer appearance. The lotion has a pleasant delicate smell, nothing too over the top and is not too thick, heavy or gloopy. I've been applying it at night before bed and have really noticed a massive difference in not just the appearance of my skin, but the feel of it too. It's available from Superdrug or any chemist/drugstore for £4.99 and I highly recommend it ladies :) 

- St Ives Body Polish - Smoothing -

Going along with the theme of summer, this is another product I've been using to get my skin summer worthy! This is a sugar crystal polish, so is gentle on the skin yet leaving it feeling ultra smooth and dry skin free - Always a good thing! I've been using this every other day in the shower and this, along with the Jergens Moisturiser has left my legs looking the best they have for a long time. 

- Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze - 


I've been using this bronzer from Rimmel for absolute yearsss! I tried it, loved it and kept repurchasing... It's a fab matte bronzer which is great for all over your face, down your neck to blend and I also sweep it across my decolletage and upper chest if I'm wearing a strapless top or summery dress. It's by far one of my favourite drugstore make-up products and something which I know I'll keep repurchasing for years to come. Why spoil a good thing!?

- St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist - 

I know, I know... Not another lover of St. Moriz, but yes! I absolutely swear by it. Being a redhead and having naturally pale, freckly skin I have tried literally EVERY fake tan going! - To the extent where I have a huge wicker linen basket almost full the brim of different brands! However, after discovering the delights of St. Moriz I honestly don't think I'd ever find the need to buy a different one. I won't bore you with the details of what the tan is like, as the whole blogging world seems to have done this, but if you're pale like me and have been worried about trying this, then don't be, it's amazing and will work with just about every skin tone imaginable!

- MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre - 

I have to admit, before buying this I'd never bought into the idea of using an eye primer. However, after hearing so much about MAC's paintpots I decided to try this one in Soft Ochre. It's of a beige, skin coloured tone and you basically just apply it after your foundation all over your lids before you apply your eye shadow. I've been using it everyday for the last week and I have to admit I absolutely love it and would 100% recommend it's use. It has kept my eye shadow looking exactly the same at 9pm as it did when I applied it at 9am, which is a massive feat! I've been super impressed, and so would defiantely recommend and repurchase!

- VO5 Extreme Style [SurfStyle] - Texturising Sea Salt Spray -

This spray claims to deliver 'Matte effect, beach blown volume & waves' and I have to say I fully agree! I've been using this on towel dried hair on evenings where I really can't be bothered to blow dry it. I spray it into my hair then twist it up into a bun on the top of my head then I sleep on it. By the morning my hair has dried and the spray has left it with loose beachy style hair which I then give a quick spray over with hair spray and I'm good to go! I've also used it on my hair when it's been dry, but in desperate need of a little pick me up,  you spritz it all over your hair as before, but then scrunch and twist to your hearts content! - All in all I think this is going to be one of my products of the summer, the texture it adds and the result you're left with is amazing for not having to use any heat on it, which in the summer is a total bonus! - This would also be a fabby product to take away on your hols to give you that tousled beach babe look :) 

So there we have it! My current favourites... 
Are any of these in your *favourites*?

Lovesss Xx


  1. I really love my MAC paintpots. I use my Bare Study paintpot all over my lids with a little Embark e/s as liner with mascara and I'm out the door when I'm running late or just want to be lazy!
    I'll have to look for that Maybelline lipstick, love the color!

    Great post!

  2. Thank you for your comment lovely! i've never tried paint pots before, whenever i've swatched them they feel quite dry and cakey. do you think this is because they have been on the shelf for too long 'cause your swatch looks like it would be a perfect base!

  3. The Jergens moisturiser sounds great - I had a sample of one of their body lotions and it was really nice, it's on my list for a future Boots trip! Mac Paintpots are on my wishlist, too - sounds like it really works for you. I've been using Urban Decay's Primer Potion and that seems to do the trick although it's pretty watery so maybe I'll prefer the Mac product. x

  4. @ Label Snob - Ooo bare study along with the blackground are my next purchases as far as paint pots are concerned hehe

    @ Lisa - Yeah, I think you might be right when you say you think they've been left out too long - This is a firm, hard consistency, but it's really creamy when you actually put your finger in to swatch it, or use it on your eyes :) - I'd really recommend hun!

    @ Lily - I'd def recommend the Jergens Lily, I tend to get really dry skin on my legs, but I really hate thick heavy moisturisers that make your skin feel all claggy - This one has been perfect :) and with regards to the paintpots, they're not at all watery, I didn't like the consistency (or packaging) of the PP, you should give one a try when you run out :)


  5. I might have to try out that body polish... my skin feels a bit gross right now.