Monday, 19 July 2010

100+ Followers Giveaway...Announcing the Winner ♥

Evening my little sugar plums :) 

After going through all of the entries to my giveaway to celebrate 100 followers, of which there were 117 in total, I have finally given each entry a number and entered the range from 1-117 in '' to determine a winner! 

After counting the single entries and then the entries with an attached link I worked out that the 107th entry was the lovely Lauren over at LoveLaughLauren!

Congratulations Lauren and once I've contacted you I shall get your prizes sent out asap! 

Hope you're all swell, have had a nice relaxing weekend & don't have the Monday blues :) 

Lovesss Xx


  1. Congrats! Loving your blog :)x

  2. Oh my god I've never won anything before!
    Hahaha this has made me so happy :D
    Just to let you know; i'm going away for a month on friday so if you could email me before thursday that would be great :D

  3. Congrats to the winner! :) x

  4. lucky winner! I love your blog by the way, im new to it