Saturday, 24 July 2010

♥ Stripe Induced Sailer Esq OOTD ♥

Evening lovelies! 

My, my, my I feel like I've totally abandoned you all and my blog this week... I've been so totally 'over' busy with work and I've only had one day off this week, on which my body decided to give me a migraine & so I couldn't bare to sit in front of the laptop for more than 10mins at a time! 

Anyways, enough of the rambling on! - I've got loads of things to blog about, it's just finding the time to sit and write properly :) 

So for the time being, I thought I'd post a OOTD for your kind deliberation :)

I was at work today and the store where I work always ends up uber hot, especially on icky clammy days like today. So because of this I like to keep it simple, floaty and of course comfortable considering I'm on my feet from 9-6! 

[Click to Enlarge]

Please ignore the ridiculous expression I have on my face, my sister was insisting on making me giggle!

Over Sized Nautical Crop Top - River Island
Jeggings - TK Maxx
Gold Pumps - Accessorize 
Sunglasses on Head - Celine
Bag - Mulberry Bayswater

I actually was rocking quite a dark St Moriz tan, but the flash on the SLR seems to have desperately washed me out hehe! 

[Click to Enlarge]

You can see the tan a little better here...

I thought I'd post this closer up shot, as I'm wearing Snob, my latest MAC lippie which was bought solely on the basis of how beautiful it looked on the gorgeous Annabella :)

I've got it mixed with a little Body Shop lip butter, so it looks a little paler/more sheer than it does by it's self, but it's an absolutely amazing colour and I'm so glad I picked it up!

 So there we have it... What do you think? Yay or nay to the sailor stripes hehe? 

Lovess xx


  1. I love sailor stripes! very nautical

  2. Love it! And I am obsessed with your hair color! xxx

  3. Gorgeous :)
    I don't mean to pry or be rude but where in the North East are you?


  4. Red and stripes look great on you, love it! x

  5. OMG!!!! YOU ARE STUNNING! love the crop top hun! I like your cheeks. Its super lovely

  6. hey laura, i hope life is treating you well! you look beautiful and the tan colour is lovely, makes you look all nice and glowy! you can't beat a good tan ;)

    ps. loving the sailor inspired top xx

  7. Amazing! I loveeeee snob on you, looks gorgeous with your tan and hair. Such a beautiful girly!xxx

  8. Gorgeous outfit! I love crop tops at the moment :) x

  9. Love the crop top! Wish my hair was as gorgeous as yours :)

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  11. Your outfit looks fantastic and comfy. xx

  12. You babe! I want your stomach! xx

  13. You look gorgeous! It's so lovely to 'meet' another gorgeous redheaded blogger. There aren't enough!


  14. love your outfit and you look beauts!