Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Practically Fashionable...

So as you may have seen in my last post, I'm currently loving this summers recycled trend: the crop top! 

The crop top is a trend which first took a stronghold in the 1980's, and was originally inspired by American Footballers tops, which were cut short in order for the players to be kept cool whilst playing in the heat. It seems like everyone wanted a piece of the look as they were popular for both men and women alike :) - Can you picture your other half sporting one?.. I'm not so sure!

Now, in 2010 they're back with a vengeance and boy am I pleased. As much as I'd like to sit here and lie to you all and tell you that 'I too wear my crop top to keep me cool while playing sport', we both know this isn't in fact true hehe.. I do however work in a rather stuffy environment which is by far lacking in the air-con department! 
This look was put together with comfort, practicality and aesthetics in mind...

Crop Top *River Island Sale*
Jeans *Jamie Ultimate Skinny - Topshop*
Sandal Boots * Zara*

Besides being an ideal choice for me to wear to work, this was a perfect choice for my day off, which I spent mooching round the sales at the Metro Centre and in our rather large TK Maxx store (..They've started selling Calvin Klein & Lancaster Makeup!?)

I do realise this is my second OOTD post in a row, it's just I'm again super busy this week and when I decided to wear this I thought it was possibly worthy of a post :)

P:S...Don't forget, I now have a Formspring so get asking away...



  1. I love this crop top! You look gorgeous! xxx

  2. Your make up looks perfect & like i've said a million times before, you are so so so stunning x

  3. Love the top girlie :) Your skin looks flawless too, i'm so jealous! xo

  4. I'm not gonna lie, very envious. Yoru skin looks beautiful and I love your eyeshadow. Love the outfit too, wish I could pull that off :) xxxxxxx

  5. Love the outfit, agree with everyone else, i'm sooo jealous haha, your so pretty!

    Stacey xx

  6. gorgeous! your hair looks flawless.

  7. I am LOVING the crop top.

    Follow me :) There could be a surprise coming

  8. oo I LOVE that top!
    that lipstick looks gorgeous on you by the way x

  9. Really like the crop top, i think they go best with jeans ?! your hair so gorgeous btw, did you curl it ? xx

  10. Thanks girls :) - Glad you all like it!

    @ Mel - I just use my GHD's, only takes a few mins :)


  11. Cute!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  12. The crop top is lovely, but your make up is STUNNING :-)

    Erin xx

  13. I love the crop top on you, but I could not get away with it!

  14. Your makeup looks beautiful here xxx

  15. Ahh my lovely laura, you look so gorge!
    Loving the top, you're like an island princess haha
    What lippie are you wearing? It's fab!

  16. Ahhh how lovely and sweet are you all, it's amazing!


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