Wednesday, 14 July 2010

General Update & 8 Questions Tag...

Evening girlies :) 

Thought I'd just write a quick note as I haven't had time this week to blog properly :( 

I've basically been working non-stop this week, with today being my only day off so me and the boy spent some well deserved quality time together and had a fab day watching dvds & baking yummy treats (..Well I was baking hehe)

So I'm back at work tomorrow and for the whole of the weekend, but I'm going to try and get some OOTD posts put together and I've got a nice review to write up for you all too :) 

I also thought I'd include in this post a tag which I was included in by the lovely Laura (..Good name!) over at Pieces of Beauty

If you don't already follow her, then hop on over and check out her blog

 So here it goes...

1.What is your ‘must-have’ makeup product for summer?

My beauty must have for summer I would have to say would be fake tan, with the makeup essential being a good bronzer. I'm naturally very pale and so look awfully washed out and dull if I don't wear any faketan to give me a slight glow! Bronzer is obviously such a versatile product which I use for contouring, adding an overall glow to my face and also lightly dusted over my shoulders etc for a night out.

2. How would you describe your style?

I wouldn't really say I had a specific style, I can go from one day wearing a maxi dress and cute flats, to the next at work wearing skinny jeans and a Lyle and Scott polo (I work in a menswear boutique) or just chilling out and wanting to be comfy in my oversized joggers and hoodie. I think the key to being stylish is wearing something that you feel comfortable in and something that makes you feel good about yourself, not just necessarily following current trends or buying a whole capsule collection from Topshop just because in the shop it all looks good together. 

3. Lipstick or lipgloss?

Definitely lipstick!

4. What is your reason for blogging?

My reason for blogging is pretty simple really, I do it for myself. As most of you already know I love fashion and actually study it, well study Fashion Communication as my degree at Northumbria University. I also love beauty and anything to do with making yourself look and feel better, at the end of the day you only live once, so to live the way you want to is the most important thing. I also would like to think that some of you might just get a little bit of enjoyment from reading what I write, but if not I'll just carry one rambling to myself hehe

5. Who are your beauty icons?

If I'm honest I don't really have any... There are so many beautiful women out there!

6. What was your most recent purchase?

My most recent purchase, beauty wise was a MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty from the lovely Sinead over at *Dainty*Dollymix*
7. What is your daily skincare routine?

I have to admit I've always been super lucky with my skin and have never really stuck at a certain skincare routine as I've never felt they've ever really been that beneficial to me. On a morning I usually give my face a quick wash over with a daily face wash such as the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash & Mask - Obviously just used as the wash, then on a night time I usually remove my makeup with a makeup wipe, ones I'm loving right now are the Garnier Clean & Soft Complete Cleansing Wipes - These are really great at removing my makeup and leave my skin feeling really fresh, I'll then repeat the wash which I used on the morning, or whatever one comes to hand first. While I'm in the shower I use the St Ives Elements Warming Scrub which gives me a deeper clean and leaves my skin feeling amazing. 

8. What is your personal definition of beauty?

My definition of beauty is not just something which exists on the outside, but something which has to come from the inside in order for you to have a beautiful appearance. If you're ugly on the inside, it doesn't matter whether you're pretty or not, as you're just not a very nice person.

I tag all of you lovely ladies who follow me to complete this tag, I think Laura's questions are really great and you can get some really informative answers from them, so go ahead and answer the same set I have :) 

I'm thinking of setting up a Formspring account, so if any of you lovelies wanted to ask me any questions which weren't featured up above, then you could do so on there... What do you think to a Formspring account? 

Anyhooos I'm going to get off to sleeps for another long day at work tomorrow, on my return I shall be making a start on numbering all of the enteries for my 100+ Followers Giveaway which ended last night :) 

Much love :)


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