Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fashion Marketing Graduate Photoshoot: Final Images...

Afternoon my lovelies & a happy Sunday to you all :)

So being at University studying a Fashion related degree is such a great way for me to explore the industry, not only the academic and business side of things, but also the more glamorous! 

I recently was asked by one of the graduating Fashion Marketing students if I would model her final collection for all of her promotional material which would be used at Graduate Fashion Week on the Northumbria University stand. I of course jumped at the chance, not only to help her out, but to get some new pictures for my portfolio. 

The shoot was of course based around her garments, which had been designed as 'Winter Luxe' loungewear. Due to it being a wintery shoot I was seen without any fake tan for the first time in many months hehe 

She sent me back all of the final images which were taken on the day, and I thought you might like to see a few...

If you click the images, I think they should enlarge :)

These next few shots are photos Gemma (..the lovely talented girlie who's garments I was modelling) took when she set up her stand at GFW..

It was quite exciting to see myself as part of her work and I was really excited in general to be able to help her out...

I hope this hasn't been too much of a boring post for you all, just a couple of girls said that they'd like to see some of the images from the shoot :) 

Hope you're all having a nice weekend! 

Lovess Xx


  1. That's so exciting! Looking gorgeous as usual my dear! x

  2. Oh wow you look stunning!
    & the designer's range looks amazing :)
    Definately not a boring post x

  3. You look wonder she wanted you to model for her..! xxx

  4. Awesome honey! That is so cool and you look stunning :) good for you xx

  5. You are ridiculously stunning!!

    Lovely pics x

  6. Checked the link from your Twitter - fab piccies!

    Following now :)

    @Brill_Brunette x

  7. Thanks girls, not sure if this was something you'd want to see - At least I know now for future ref if I do any more shoots :)

    You're all so super lovely! Xx

  8. You look truly stunning in these pictures!!! :)

  9. Looks great!

    Your gorgeous, lovely blog :)

    cheers, Jesa