Saturday, 17 July 2010

♥ Delicious Bargains from the Zara Summer Sale ♥

Evening girlies :) 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! - Mine has so far consisted of work, work & more work! 

I am desperately trying to not let the fact that I don't have a day off until Wednesday depress me ha.. I do however have a casting for a hair & makeup competition with Aveda on Monday; needless to say, the mere insinuation of a 'makeup' casting was enough to bring about a major breakout in my chin region... Let's just say Laura won't be getting the job! ha 

To put an end to my rambling I thought I'd show you all a few things I managed to pick up in the Zara sale in the last couple of weeks. I have to admit I totally love Zara after falling in love with the brand on a holiday to Tenerife 5 years ago; they have a fabulous flagship store there :) - I'm hoping to go back in October for my 22nd Birthday!

These little, or should I say rather chunky, beauts were first spotted by myself and my sister when they first arrived in store, probably back in March sometime. We were silly in not picking them up straight away, and ummed and ahhed over them.. Consequently they all sold out, aside from 3 pairs which were in the shop window on mannequins! We then asked a member of staff and the lovely girl told us they would either be a size 5 or 6 and we could put our name down for them, to be called when they eventually changed the display. Lo and behold, we got a call when the shop went into sale telling us that in fact they were a size 5 and we could come and pick them up :) .. Their original retail price was £89.99, but due to them being part of the display I got them for just £49.99!

As the wedge also has a platform, they are super comfy to walk in, a major plus! 

When I was in the store picking these up, I also spotted out of the corner of my eye these other two pairs of summery sandals...

These ones here are reminiscent of so many on the high street, the familiar style of this seasons footwear; the 'sandalboot' - At first I was really quite wary of this concept as I have a major hangup about cutting my legs off at the ankle, I feel it makes me look stubby, even though I'm a fairly tall 5'8ish.. However, the material these have been made out of is a really soft slouchy denim. As you can see by the tootsie marks on the sole, I've been wearing these quite a lot! Mostly for work, with jersey or denim hareem style pants (eliminates the illusion of a cut off leg)... These were originally £39.99 but I got my hands on them for a mere £19.99

Finally, under a pile of messed up t-shirts, I found these little gems! How cute are these please?!

I'm yet to wear these, but I think they'll work really well with a maxi dress for an evening... They'll also be ideal to take away on my holiday...(that I'm yet to book! hehe) - Again, I think these were supposed to be £39.99 and I got them for a steal at £19.99 :)

So there we have it, my lovely purchases from Zara! - I bought quite a bit in the Topshop sale too, which was surprisingly really good up here (Topshop Metro Centre & Debenhams) - Although a lot of the things I bought were cute little jumpers which will be ideal to take me through into Autumn *shudders* at the thought of cold weather :( 

I may do another post on what I picked up at Topshop, so if you'd like to see what I got my hands on just leave it in a comment below :) 

I'm hopefully going to post the winner of my blog giveaway tomorrow as well, so stay tuneddd :) 

Nighty night princesses :)

Mwahh xx


  1. I loove the zara shoes you bought! Jealous of all the amazing stores you guys have access to! xxx

  2. Oh! All of them are so pretty! Nice finds :)

  3. Wow, the wedges are gorgeous! Jealous! x

  4. yes! post the Topshop things too!!

  5. Zara is my favourite shop EVER!
    It's such a shame there isn't one near me :(
    Great shoes!

  6. I hadn't been in Zara in my life but I was in tenerife last week and loved it. Reminds me of H&M but far better! Sadly I don't have one near me at home :( xx

  7. I have an award for you :)

    Stacey xx