Friday, 2 July 2010

St Moriz: Mousse Vs Mist

Evening Ladies :) 

Sorry I've been so quiet this week, I've been working shedloads, but it's all for a good cause (...Dying to book a holiday! - Any suggestions welcome as I can't decide where to go!)

So basically with the weather being so beautiful these past couple of weeks, and me being the uber pale redhead that I am, I have been embracing my self tanning regime with open arms in a bid to not look like a walking milkbottle! 

For the past few months I've been religiously using the much coveted St Moriz, but for some reason all that has been available to us in my town has been the mist. I hadn't came across any of the mousse until about 2 weeks ago, so when I did I made sure to stock up and bought a few bottles! 

I've been paying £2.99 for the mist, and the mousse was exactly the same price. The mist, as I'm sure you'll already know comes in a 150ml tin, whereas the mousse is in a 200ml pump action bottle - So really you end up with even better value for money when buying the mousse. 

I do love each product for different things, so I thought I'd do a quick rundown of each ones positives and negatives. 

First off the 'Spray/Mist' 


- Great light guide colour which shows where you've sprayed and leaves you with an instant glow
- Very natural colour, even though I'm a redhead
- More of an olive tone so no orangeyness ( that even a word!?)
- Very, very quick drying - You can literally apply, put on a dressing gown, do your makeup and then be good to go! - No sticky-ness or tacky feeling
- Very buildable


- Not very moisturising - If you have any dry patches it will 'sit' on your skin and look cakey
- Spray nozzle can seize up - This happened to me once and I was left with splatters of tan on my legs which in turn went a darker colour to the rest of me! 
- Can be messy - I bought a large brown beach towel to put down on the floor whilst I use this
- Wastage - Along with the messy side of the product I can't help but feel as you're spraying it on that you're losing lots of product to the floor ( tanning towel ends up soaking from the tan after applying it)

Secondly the 'Mousse'


- 200ml bottle so more product for your money
- Quick drying
- Not messy at all - You can apply as little or as much product as you wish - Much more control
- Olive undertones once again for a natural look
- More moisturising - Less of a tendency to sit on skin, I feel it sinks in better
- Buildable colour
- No wastage as all product is used


- Quite an intense colour guide so I can't personally use it as an instant fix as it doesn't work with my skin tone
- A little longer to dry than the spray (...but this may explain why I feel it's more moisturising)
- Can leave you with tacky feeling skin for a little while, especially in the heat we've been experiencing

Overall conclusion...

Although I thought I'd found my HG tanner when finding the St Moriz Spray/Mist, I think it's been out done by it's sister, the mousse :) - I know I can't really use the mousse as an instant fix tan, like I do with the spray, but I feel in the long run the mousse leaves me with a better colour. Personally, I think I'll be using the mousse as my 'base' colour and then if need be, top it up with a quick spritz of the mist! 

Oooh and a little tip I've found when trying to keep my tan looking better for longer; once I've applied, slept in and then showered off my tan in the morning, I stand in the shower and apply some Johnsons Baby Oil all over my body, whilst it's still wet. This helps to seal in moisture to your skin, keeping it soft and supple and ultimately keeps your tan looking great!  - I then just put on my terry towelling dressing gown and allow the oil to soak into my skin :)

In case you were wondering, I apply both the mousse and the mist with a tanning mitt as I find I get the best finish this way! 

I realise the St Moriz posts have been done to death, but I know there are a lot of girls out there who are very pale like me and are terrified at the thought of buying and applying a fake tan to achieve a golden glow, but then end up orange! I hope with posting this it shows that St Moriz can be used on all skin types :) 

Hope I haven't bored you all too much hehe 

Have a fabulous weekend my little cherubs! 



  1. Oooh thank you! I'm also a red head so most of the time I turn out orange. Or I'm scared to turn out orange so apply very little and then have no result. Everyone raves about this and I think it's about time I bought it!

  2. The mouse is imposable for me to get hold off now too! So I've had to buy the spray. For some reason everyone I've bought has had a dodgy nozzle and I get big fat splatters rather than a mist! So i just spray it straight on to my tanning mit and rub it in. Thats works best for me. I do the baby oil thing too! Great minds... :) x

  3. I've got redhair and pale skin too and when I found out about St. Moriz last year it was a godsend! You're right about the olive undertones suiting pale skin much better. I didn't know about the mist so I must give that a try. I find the mousse quite drying so thanks for the baby oil tip!
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  4. Good review, thanks for sharing!:D Will tell my sister about the mousse.

    Have a safe and fun weekend!:D
    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie

  5. The best fake tan Ive every used and so cheap too, I wonder how it comes to the real thing st Tropez? xx


  6. thank you, for such an in depth review
    really want to try this out now :D seems to do the job, at a super affordable price


  7. Great post, was so useful. I've yet to try St Moriz and wasn't sure which one to get, but after reading this post I'm definitely going for the mousse x

  8. I love St Moriz!!, its such a bargain too if you can find it near where you live x

  9. Hey lovely, there is a tag for you on my blog.

    Laura x

  10. Thanks for all of your comments girlies :)

    @Laura - I've posted back sweets, will get it done asap! xx

  11. Hi there, im a new follower and love this review, i have both the mist and mousse and like the mousse much better x

  12. Oh my God, that's totally what i do!! - apply, shower the next morning, then apply Johnsons baby oil hahaha!
    Great blog :-)

  13. Hi great review


    Im a natural red head and this comes out lovely and naturally on me. do you apply it to your face?

    Im now your newest follower <3

    id appreciate it if you would take a look at mine?

    Thanks -xóó